Wrapping A Trailer

Feb 19, 2020

Without branding, it is difficult for a business to build trust and recognition with their customers. A brand creates a visual story for a business to emotionally connect with their target markets. Wrapping your trailer can help stimulate your business's marketing efforts. The precise amount of time required to wrap your trailer will depend on the complexity of the design and to which extent the design covers the trailer. Wrapping a trailer is a process that requires consultation, planning, and preparation. The actual process involves designing, printing, laminating, trimming and finally, installation.

Design starts with consultation

This process involves seeking more information from the client, advising the client, and exchanging views and ideas to ensure that the client will be happy with the final product. Before embarking on a project, clarity and understanding are critical. It’s important that the client gets involved right from ideation to the final design. How clearly the client communicates their creative ideas will affect the quality of the finished trailer wrap. The more articulate a client is at communicating their ideas, the easier it is for a creative visual company to execute the ideas on their behalf. Once the design company receives approval from the client, the process of printing begins.

Printing, laminating, and trimming

This entire process may take a couple of days depending on the coordination and communication between the client and the visual creative company. At this stage, all the brand colours relevant to your business are meticulously sorted. This is to ensure that all the colours collated on the final design before printing on the vinyl wrapping materials perfectly match your existing corporate branding colours, typography, and design of your business.

Once satisfied, the visual creative company will finally print the graphic design and allow time for the paint to dry. Then to fit the design and specifications required on the vinyl wrap material, the designers move on to the laminating and trimming process.


This is the final process of wrapping a trailer. Owing to the high standards required to deliver stellar work, this may take quite some time.  A typical installation schedule involves the trailer being delivered to the creative company. For a perfect finish, the trailer must be perfectly dry, otherwise, any water trapped beneath may cause the wrapper to lift. This means watching out for weather conditions when transporting the trailer. Sunny weather would be perfect.  If the trailer is delivered during a snowy or rainy season, then the wrap installation has to be conducted in a garage that has a temperature controls in place.

Next, the trailer is inspected for cleanliness before any installation can take place. Finally, a qualified team of wrap installation experts will use a combination of special tools to install the wrapper. This is normally done by our experts who have a lot of experience in vehicle wraps and graphics. If you want to attract more clients and you want your trailer branded with your logo and graphics, we can professionally wrap and brand your trailer and help increase your sales.


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