Why Your Business Needs ADA Signage

May 5, 2022

When you are starting a new business, there is a steep learning curve. You must figure out which forms to fill out and gather the necessary permits before you can open your doors to the public. There is so much to think about that many people neglect one very important aspect: Access to ADA signage. 


If your business is open to customers or the public, then you are likely required to hang ADA signs in major traffic areas. They should contain braille or tactile letters in an easy-to-see colour so that those who are legally blind can read and understand the signs. 

What Buildings Require ADA Signs?

No matter how old the building is that you are operating out of, you are likely required to post ADA signs in most places. Small and large businesses alike must post these signs if they offer any type of good or service to the general public. This allows clients with visual disabilities to identify different areas of the building. 


Consider some of the most popular business types: Stores, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, schools, and more. All of these businesses must post ADA signage. While you can try to check with your local ordinances to see what is required of your business, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution and put up the ADA signs regardless of the requirement. 


Keep in mind that there are also requirements about how the signs are hung. They must be placed about 122 to 154 cm (48 - 60 inches) from the ground. Signs should be adjacent to the door that they will identify, like for a conference room or restroom. 

When Do ADA Signs Not Need To Be Displayed? 

While most businesses are required by law to post ADA signage inside, there are some exceptions to where signs must be posted. For example, parking signs are not required to be ADA-compliant with tactile lettering or braille. Similarly, your directory does not have to be ADA-compliant, nor does your address. 


One other major exception to the requirement for ADA signs is temporary signs. If you are using a space for a temporary purpose and will be using it for seven days or less, this is considered to be a temporary sign and does not have to meet the ADA sign requirements. 

Why Are ADA Signs Important? 

Are there any real benefits to installing ADA signs in your business? The main reason most people will hang these signs is that they are required to by federal law. You can face hefty fines if your business is not compliant with ADA rules, and that includes posting signs in the necessary spots. However, there are some other good reasons why your business needs ADA signs as well. 


The good news is that putting up these signs can really be beneficial for your business. Consider how many of your customers may have a disability and rely on those signs to help them navigate the stores they frequent. If your business makes it easy for them to get around independently, then you may have made a customer for life. 


ADA signs are also another opportunity to reinforce your branding. While you can certainly buy a set of ADA signs on the internet in generic black and white, you can also get them custom-made by a professional sign company like SpeedPro Winnipeg North. We can help you add your logo colours and key graphics to these tactile signs so that your message is consistent across all of the signage in your building. 

Where Are ADA Signs Required? 

Now that you know why you should hang ADA signs, it is helpful to know where these signs are required inside of your business. The general rule of thumb is that they should mark all rooms or spaces with a permanent purpose. For example, you should mark conference rooms, lobbies, kitchens, restrooms, and more. 


If your business spans multiple levels, you must also include an ADA sign at the exit of each level to mark the floor level and stair level. This can add up to a lot of signs, so make sure to budget appropriately for your ADA signs when starting your business. They are a worthwhile investment that can really boost your business and make it more accessible to your customers. 

Getting Your ADA Signs

Having ADA signs in your building is a requirement for most businesses, no matter how small they may be. SpeedPro Winnipeg North can help you design a sign that suits your business and creates a beautiful impression for your customers. When you need custom signs in Winnipeg, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you with your signage!

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