Where Can You Use Customized Canvas Prints?

Sep 10, 2021

Do you have empty spaces in your home or office that could benefit from a bright pop of colour? Canvas prints are a quick and easy way to make your rooms feel more elegant and put together. These high-quality prints are durable and have a more appealing visual than a simple framed photograph. They can truly help your images come alive on the walls. 

If you have been wondering how to incorporate canvas prints into your home or business, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about all of the possibilities: 

Creating a Focal Point or Gallery Wall

Wherever you choose to display your canvas prints will certainly create a beautiful focal point. Their bold colours and three-dimensional quality will help them really liven up the walls. A collage of canvas prints can give your entire room a more polished and elegant feel. Not to mention, your canvas prints will easily provide an instant pop of colour in an otherwise plain space. 

A gallery wall makes the most of an area, and consists of multiple canvas prints all hung together. This type of arrangement certainly creates a statement. Mix and match sizes or keep a more uniform look. The important thing is to keep a theme between the prints, whether that means pairing up similar colours or similar images. 


Storing Them on Shelves

If you are hesitant to put holes in your wall, you may want to consider displaying them on shelves. They can be an interesting visual enhancement to shelves that may have otherwise only housed books and knick-knacks. Canvas prints add vivid colour that your room may need and can quickly be layered on a set of stylish shelves. The benefit of using shelves to display your canvas prints is that you can easily swap them out each season without worrying about the holes in your wall. Decorate for seasons and holidays quickly and easily! 


Hang Them in Unusual Places

Do you have certain areas of the home or office that aren’t really being used? You might have filled those spaces before with tables or plants, but why not utilize that wall space with a canvas print? You can brighten up these unloved spaces with a picture or image that really brings attention to the area. Instead of always hanging them in the expected places, such as above the fireplace, try hanging some beneath the stairs or tucked away in small corners. This will really help your canvas prints stand out! 


Hire the Professionals

If you want to get the best canvas prints in London, you’ll need to hire the professionals: SpeedPro London has high-quality processes that emphasize the proper balance of contrast, sharpness, saturation, and resolution. Our canvas prints are handcrafted for absolute perfection you’ll love. Be sure to reach out to us today to see how we can help brighten up your home or office!

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