Using Vehicle Magnets to Advertise Your Business

Jul 18, 2019

Motorist-focused advertising is an effective approach to live marketing. Painted advertisements and vehicle graphics such as decals and custom paint jobs aren’t the only way to exploit motorist-focused advertising. Such forms of vehicle advertising are long-lasting and bold, but there exists a more manageable and cost-effective option; vehicle magnets. These are easily applicable magnetic signs that blend seamlessly with your car’s paint job for marketing and advertising. The following are the benefits of choosing vehicle magnets as your signage in London.

More Coverage in terms of Reach

Advertising over the internet, television or radio is an effective form of marketing. Vehicle magnets compliment these marketing campaign efforts. Branding your company car attracts the attention of the local residents in your city or town. The magnetic signs can be positioned on either side of the car this including the front and the back. Magnets are like a mobile billboard with a 360 degree view. For a vehicle that moves around a large city, this translates to approximately 40,000 impressions per day.


Custom paint jobs, graphics, and decals are more permanent compared to vehicle magnets. Their level of versatility, however, does not match that of vehicle magnets. The magnetic signs offer flexibility that permanent graphics cannot. Vehicle magnets are semi-permanent in nature and can be applied on any metallic surface. Unlike custom paint jobs and decals, you can remove and reapply vehicle magnets as many times as you would like. This is advantageous in a number of ways. You can peel off the magnetic strip in one swipe when it is damaged, when it becomes obsolete or when washing your car.

Additionally, you get the advantage of changing the message on the vehicle magnet as many times as necessary, without changing the entire custom paint job of your car. This is highly beneficial when advertising during promotional seasons, advertising new products and for persons who periodically use their personal vehicles or rented vehicles for advertising their business.


Vehicle graphics, decals, and custom paint jobs cost more to acquire compared to vehicle magnets. It is cheaper for companies with large fleets of cars to advertise through vehicle magnets rather than undertake the cost of custom-painting all company cars. In relation, companies that use rented vehicles generally use less money to apply vehicle magnets compared to paying the full price of a custom paint job for a temporal advert. Vehicle magnets are also low maintenance. Vehicle graphics and decals fade and wear away after prolonged use and when scrubbed hard during a car wash Since magnetic signs can be removed before washing the car and re-applied soon after, they offer better longevity. 

Additionally, vehicle magnets save you money as they can be peeled off and re-used even after months. For instance, seasonal or annual promotional signs can be used for as long as 3 years, so long as they are stored responsibly. This eliminates the need to get new vehicle magnets every time you need seasonal advertising for your business.


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