Working together within our communities!

Jun 15, 2020

At Speedpro Canada we LOVE to share great stories about our locations and their communities!

Recently, Speedpro Signs Medicine Hat, committed 20% of all COVID 19 sales would be directed to the Medicine Hat Food Bank. So after great discussion they went out and purchased 50 crock pots that were donated to the Medicine Hat Food Banks Crock Pot Program.

This program has had great success in helping people develop cooking skills and the confidence in providing for themselves.

Selina from the MHFB stated that out of all of the participants using crock pots only 2 people ever returned back to the Food the program is a great success!

Thank you Speedpro Medicine Hat for sharing this wonderful story and for your contribution to the community of Medicine Hat!

To order your Covid 19 safety Signage contact them today at 403-527-7755 or check out their website here:

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