Nix the Giveaways and Instead, Create an Experience!

Feb 12, 2019

Millennials have now become the majority of the Canadian and United States workforce. A multitude of studies prove that they’re prioritizing experiences over products. Millennials do not measure their success by what they actually own and rather, concentrate on enjoying their life, as well as gathering experiences they’re able to share, oftentimes through social media, with their friends. Also, they usually are more environmentally conscious, as well as picky about what they own.

Therefore, does this mean that there isn’t anything which will attract them to your booth? No, it does not.  It simply means that you have to be a bit more creative than merely providing the most recent gadget to bait them in. More than 50 percent of Millennials spend their money on experiences; therefore, we know that they value them. It’s a strong sign that you’re able to appeal to those customers by providing a special experience.

Identify Target

Your brand’s message ought to guide what you do yet you also must consider your audience. Not only your organization’s target market, yet also who’s likely to attend your event or show. It’ll assist in dictating your following steps as they’ll determine your success.

Choose A Theme

To repeat, this ought to be brand appropriate yet attractive and interesting to your audience. If your target audience comprises of scientists, they’ll probably respond to an experiment-themed exhibit rather than a gambling one, for example.

Rock Graphics

Absolutely, they have to say who you are, feature a huge, bold company logo, and perhaps briefly state what you do; however, that doesn’t mean they cannot tie into your theme and perhaps also bring in a bit of fun.


Communicate the theme after, during, and before the show. It’ll make it more likely to be enjoyed and remembered by the audience.

Make It Playful

Make a game if you can. If it’s possible to make it educational to the brand that’s even better. Whether it’s a fast iPad game in which they get to choose the leading superpowers your business has or something more analog such as a remote control car race, having a good time will ensure that your brand is memorable, not just to the participants yet also observers.

Facilitate Sharing

Provide an environment that’s unique, offer a location that is specific to taking video or photos, promote your event hashtag, and give consideration to offering incentives to your guests so they’ll share their experience.

Seize Moment

While visitors might not want to clutter up their office or home with tchotchkes, they’ll want a giveaway that’s helpful to them. Since the majority of visitors are travelling for the trade show, you’ll know there are a few things they’re likely to value. For instance; earbuds for viewing movies on the airplane, water bottle, treats for their trip back home, etc. If you aren’t sure it’s always possible to ask a couple of your best customers for some ideas.

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