Make an Impression with Modular Displays

Feb 16, 2022
With trade shows slowly starting to come back after nearly 2 years, it's time to evaluate your marketing and branding assets.  Far too often we hear from clients that they packed away the trade show equipment and it's either outdated or just flat out lost. They need to get something for an upcoming show that's quick, easy to set up and versatile.  We have a solution in mind with modular displays. 

Modular displays are increasing in popularity for shows and conferences due being portable, lightweight, versatile, customizable and cost effective.  20'x20' displays can be customized to fit in 10'x10' booths.  Add counters, storage lockers, monitor stands and even storage spaces. 

Go with a minimalist display or have a more complex one.  Check out a few examples of what SpeedPro Winnipeg North can create for you. 

Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 03

Vector Frame Master 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 10

Vector Frame Master 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 05
Hybrid Pro 10ft Modular Backwall Kit 03

- SpeedPro Winnipeg North 

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