Is It Time to Rebrand Your Fleet?

Jun 20, 2019

As your brand grows, it’ll reach specific milestones which demand change around your business. One of these necessary adjustments involves rebranding your fleet your business has on the road. You’ll know this type of move is needed if any of the below four circumstances occur. At Speedpro London, we assist clients in creating effective, captivating and quality vehicle graphics and fleet wraps. Contact us today to learn more about our options for vehicle wraps at 250-493-6304.

  1. New Service or Product – As your company unveils new services or products there isn’t any better method of advertising those new features than on your fleet presently travelling on the road. Research performed by 3M exhibits that fleet rebranding is the most cost-effective and value driven method of advertising your company.

  2. Changing Your Appearance– If your company is revamping its motto, mission statement, website, or rebranding the whole company, you’ll have to reposition the branding of your business to the general public. One good way to achieve this is by fleet rebranding.

  3. Mergers & Acquisitions – Create an additional amazing reason to rebrand your fleet.  If your organization merges with another one, that newfound alliance usually will broaden your base of customers. Rebranding your fleet assists in spreading the word, as the vehicles reach a massive quantity of customers who are in the area your company serves.

  4. Wear & Tear – Occasionally, it is simply time for an updated, fresh appearance for your fleet. You might have to rebrand the fleet because your organization has vehicles that have graphics from 25 years ago. It is critical for your customers to recognize that you’re with the times, particularly if your company is an older one. You would not stroll into a meeting with a new client in 25-year-old work attire. Therefore, do not send out your truck with 25-year-old graphics.

Four Things Your Organization Should Know to Successfully Rebrand

1. Begin by getting an understanding of your values and mission. Assess and consider what makes your organization so unique. Why exactly does your business exist, and which values does it possess that are so important?

2. Create a rebranding plan which functions with your current branding. Consistent brands help boost the value of your organization by reinforcing your stance in the market, attracting higher quality clients with greater retention rates, as well as increasing the value of your services or products …. In contrast, inconsistent, erratic, behavior rapidly leads to mistrust and confusion.

3. Give consideration to your competition and the market. Figure out how you stand out from the competition, and what your value proposition is. It is crucial that your newfound brand be relevant and fresh, yet not so trendy that it winds up appearing dated too fast.

4.Tell the world about launching the rebrand. Also, even the most amazing rebrand gets wasted if you really never go about launching it. Be certain that you plan the rebrand launch and be ready to explain why it was that you decided to rebrand. You can minimize any risk of confusion from customers through a carefully strategized launch showcasing the actual story behind the rebrand.


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