Ideas For Summer Print Marketing

May 2, 2022

Summer is just around the corner, and Londoners are emerging after a long winter filled with cold weather and COVID exhaustion.  They are ready to go places, engage in summer activities, and, of course, spend some dollars!  

But is your business ready to make the most of the summer season?  

Businesses today are often so focused on digital marketing that they forget the true value that print marketing can also bring.  Print marketing engages clients in real-life ways that a screen cannot.  And summer is the perfect season for trying it out!

Read on for some tried and true tips on using print marketing to launch your summer sales into the clear, blue sky.


Brochures may not be the most innovative form of summer print marketing, but they are simple…and very effective.  Don’t overlook the benefits of getting physical material into the hands of potential customers.  

Whether you’re creating the schedule for an event or compiling new properties for clients to peruse, a brochure is a helpful and visually appealing guide that also serves as an advertisement for your business.  Left on doorsteps, handed out at a booth, or tucked into a folder, brochures are something useful that your clients will refer back to time and time again.  

Don’t forget to use eye-catching graphics to promote your business!

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are another simple yet effective way to market your business in summer.  Ask permission to put a sign on clients’ lawns after a job well done, and you’ll have automatic traction with other potential clients in the same neighbourhood.  Most people have no problem with you placing a sign on their property and may even provide you with referrals as they talk with their neighbours.  

Lots of people are out walking, biking, visiting, and chatting on the sidewalk in summer.  Your business can take advantage of this with lawn signs!

Special Events and Activities

Summer is a perfect time to try something a little outside the box with potential clients. 

Why not host a summer-themed event (like a barbecue or beach party) where your logo is prominently displayed on banners, directional signs, and swag?  

Or, how about a game or scavenger hunt where potential customers have to find prizes you have hidden throughout the community?  

What about a summer calendar or magnet that features local summer events and activities…as well as your business’s logo and contact information?  

The sky's the limit when you combine your creativity with print marketing possibilities.

Make Print Marketing Work for You

Whether you’re most comfortable with a bold approach like a high-profile summer event, or something more classic yet effective like a summer rewards card, Speedpro can help.  

Speedpro is your one-stop shop for designing and printing graphics, cards, banners, vehicle wraps, and all types of signs in London, Ontario (and much more).  

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit Speedpro today and get summer print marketing working for you!


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  • Ideas For Summer Print Marketing

    May 2, 2022
    Summer is a great time to boost your marketing! Let the experts at Speedpro London print some great business boosters for you, like brochures or lawn signs.