How Print Shops Are Joining In the Fight Against COVID-19

Jun 18, 2020

Businesses from all industries are banding together to fight back against the current pandemic. COVID-19 has resulted in a widespread shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Healthcare facilities are overwhelmed as they struggle to provide N-95 masks for doctors and nurses, and ventilators for patients with respiratory issues. Supply shortages mean that frontline workers don’t have the PPE that they need to stay safe. Print shops have been deemed essential and are still in operation, but it isn’t business as usual - they’re using their resources and 3D printing technology to make medical supplies for those who need them!

Face masks are in limited supply all around the world - even for frontline workers who need protective gear the most. N-95 masks, the only ones approved to protect the wearer from contracting COVID-19, are in high demand. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to come by. Print shops are supporting frontline workers by using 3D printing technology to make masks and face shields for healthcare workers. Print shops are also producing plexiglass barriers for grocery and retail workers. These barriers give an extra layer of protection to frontline workers. Face shields and masks can protect people from spreading or contracting the virus - that’s why print shops are using their resources to help protect frontline workers. 

Another way that print shops are fighting the pandemic is by producing nasal swabs for COVID-19 testing. Testing is essential to understand the spread of the virus as well as to learn more about asymptomatic patients. But the testing kits are in short supply. Print shops are using 3D printers to make additional testing kits so that the spread of the virus can be better understood, and hopefully stopped.

COVID-19 has brought the world together to fight back against it. Businesses are using their resources to help frontline workers like nurses and cashiers who need extra protection from the virus. Print shops are using 3D printing technology to make personal protective equipment, from face masks to ventilators. Ventilators are especially important when fighting a respiratory disease. Without them, people with COVID-19 cannot get the oxygen that they need to breathe. Hospitals are struggling to provide enough ventilators for their patients. Print shops are working with the healthcare industry to create ventilators and replacement parts using 3D printers. Working together is helping to save lives.  

To educate the public about the pandemic and the necessary precautions they should take, printing shops are also making signage for different storefronts. These signs share information that is crucial to preventing the spread of COVID-19, like advisories about social distancing or guidelines for proper handwashing. Public awareness about how to reduce the spread of the virus is a key role in keeping people safe. 

Speedpro Imaging makes unique and innovative signage in London. We are happy to offer our services to any industry that needs them, whether that involves the production of masks, plexiglass barriers, or other PPE. The fight against COVID-19 cannot be won alone and we are proud to band together with other industries to overcome this pandemic.


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