How Long Does A Vehicle Wrap Last?

Mar 22, 2021

You’re stuck in traffic after a long day at work. As your eyes travel along the road, you notice a car that sticks out from the rest. The shining chrome finish is impossible to miss—then you see that it has a logo for a plumbing company. Oh, that reminds me, you think to yourself, I need to get my drain unclogged!

Not only do vehicle wraps look great, but they’re also a wise advertising investment. Print media only lasts so long, but your vehicle wrap will stick around for years. Each time you drive down a busy street, onlookers will see the name and logo of your business—their eyes will fix on your attention-grabbing graphic design. Rather than paying each month for impressions, your vehicle wrap is a one-time expense.

Most vehicle wraps last an average of 5 years. However, at Speedpro, we’ve done wraps that last over a decade.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

You’ve got a wide range of options, from chrome finishes to solid, glossy colours. Add graphic designs or gradients for a unique look.

Since car wraps are temporary, they’re a great option for those who aren’t ready to commit to a new paint job. You can try out the look and see how you like it before taking the plunge. The paint underneath won’t be damaged by the wrap; it will be completely intact if you change your mind.

Before the wrap is applied, the exterior of the car will be cleaned thoroughly. Over several days, the wrap will be adhered to fit the exact dimensions of the vehicle. It may require taking off some components (like the tail lights and bumpers) or using a scalpel to get a perfect fit. Care will be taken to smooth out all bubbles, creases, and wrinkles.

But even if the wrap is applied perfectly, it can get damaged by improper care.

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of a Vehicle Wrap?

You want your vinyl wrap to last, so make note of what can damage it:

Sun exposure

Ever left a cushion out in the sun? After a few weeks, you start to notice that the colours have changed. The same thing will happen to your vehicle over time. Try to park indoors whenever possible, or in the shade.

Abrasive cleaning

From slushy snow to muddy puddles, everyone’s car gets dirty now and then. But when it’s time to clean your vehicle, set aside the pressure washer. An intense blast of water might be too much for the vinyl wrap, causing it to flake away. If you take your vehicle to the car wash, make sure they don’t use too much pressure to clean it.

Improper installation

If someone does a poor job of adhering the wrap to your vehicle, it might start chipping off sooner than you’d like. Working with a reputable company is key for a high-quality installation, which can make the difference between a wrap that lasts as long as the vehicle, and one that barely makes it 3 years. 

Ready to take your automobile up a notch? Speedpro offers vehicle wraps in London. They’re more affordable than a paint job and can last a long time with proper care. For your van, truck, trailer, and/or car, we offer eye-catching wraps to display your company logo or change the colour of your vehicle.


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