Hanging Posters Without Damaging the Poster or Wall

Apr 16, 2019

While you might just duct tape, wheat-paste, tack, staple, or nail your posters to the wall, those methods often will leave marks on the mounting surface, as well as also damage the posters. If you just have a limited quantity of posters or need to keep from putting holes in the wall, you have a problem!

If you do not have a certain area designated for hanging the posters, do not fret. Here are some poster mounting options provided by the London canvas printing services of Speedpro London which are going to leave your posters and walls damage-free!

Before you begin:

1.) Be certain your hands are clean

Hands that are clean make for less residue as you remove your poster from its tube.

2.) Lay your poster(s) flat, with their printed side up, upon a clean surface

Weigh the posters down at their corners for a couple of hours or one day. It is going to make the posters easier to work with as the edges will not be curling up as much. Posters that are printed on hard plastic or likewise materials obviously won’t have to be prepped this way.

3) Get your wall ready

Clean the wall and give attention to space in which you’ll directly apply removable adhesive. Be certain that the wall has not recently been painted, or else you might leave noticeable marks as you take down the posters.

4 Ways to Hang a Poster

Poster tape/ Double-sided removable tape

As unusual as it sounds, not everyone knows that there actually are products especially made to assist you in mounting posters without damaging or marking either the poster or surface needed to mount it on. Just ensure that you utilize the right type of tape and that every surface is clean. Selecting the incorrect type of poster tape may result in a gunked-up wall or poster which rips apart as you take it down.

Magic tape

If you do not have accessibility to double-sided adhesive, this type of tape will do in a pinch. Unlike standard scotch tape, Magic tape isn’t as “tacky” and easily will detach from the posters, even after years or months of use, depending upon your climate. Another benefit is that the Magic tape is pretty much invisible on the majority of smooth surfaces.

Removable putty

We’d only suggest putty on mounted posters or posters that are printed on a rigid material. Using an overabundance of putty on paper or card stock posters might cause a bit of rumpling at the contact points, which you would not want if you are going for a neater appearance. Avoid poorly or fresh painted surfaces because you may remove a bit of paint as you take the poster down.


It may sound like an odd method of hanging posters, yet toothpaste may be utilized to safely attach posters to the majority of surfaces for a couple of days. The less expensive the better. Do not use anything that has additional whiteners or additives because it’ll make for poorer adhesion. Here’s the best part: it leaves surfaces undamaged and is easy to clean.

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