And The Doors Are Open: Speedpro Imaging Halifax

Apr 30, 2018

Last Thursday, a modern little sign shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia had it's official Grand Opening--Speedpro Imaging Halifax!! 30171330_2316120718402836_1154222847398815919_o

Located just outside of Bayers Lake on St. Margaret's Bay Road, Speedpro Imaging Halifax welcomed people from all over the province to learn about signage, stickers and vehicle wraps along with the company of Speedpro's Staff-- Kevin, Matt and Rachell.

The entire bay, including the demonstration vehicle, was decorated from head to toe in balloons and streamers. There were first timers, previous clients, friends and family that all came out to support the team on such an exciting day not just for Speedpro Imaging Halifax but for the Speedpro Canada franchise as a whole.  Jesse Ridgley, the manager of the Mic Mac Mall Starbucks that we made name tags for previously, ended up winning the Halifax Landscape Giveaway for his home!


On behalf of Speedpro Imaging Canada, we would like to thank everyone that came out to support us on such a gloom and rainy day... We hope to see you all next year on our anniversary for more demonstrations, giveaways and of course cake!




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  • And The Doors Are Open: Speedpro Imaging Halifax

    Apr 30, 2018