Fun Custom Print Ideas

Sep 1, 2022

Are you looking for a low-cost way to make a high impact in your office? The right custom print project can certainly help you stand out in a crowd. Many people are familiar with the most common print projects like flyers, business cards, and even vehicle wraps. However, there’s so much more that print companies like Speedpro London can create for you. 


If you want to know more about some fun custom print ideas to spruce up your office space, here’s a list of what to consider: 

Fridge Wraps

Most employees frequent the break room during business hours, whether to eat a meal, pour a cup of coffee, or just pass through to get a snack. You can maximize this space and drive home the messages you want employees to get by wrapping your fridge with a colourful print. 


A fridge wrap can display company colours, an inspiring message, and/or a giant version of your logo. The sky's the limit on what we can put on your refrigerator, and this is one high-impact project that few companies think about. Capitalizing on this commonly used area is a great way to make good use of what used to be empty space.

Decorated Mirrors

If you’re looking for great pieces of art to hang up in your office, decorated mirrors might be the way to go. You can personalize a mirror to include a message or an image. While it may impede the ability to gaze at your reflection, a great piece of mirror art can make your office feel much more personal. 


As well as the artistic benefits, the reflective surface of a mirror can make an office space appear larger. When you decide to hang a mirror, it makes your office feel more open and less cramped and gives a great sense of ambiance with a decorative touch. A decorated mirror is a win-win situation for every business! 

Recycle Bin Wrap

Do you have a hard time getting your employees to recycle? If sustainability is one of your core initiatives, then a recycle bin wrap may be the perfect choice for your business. You can create a wrap that makes it clear which items should be placed in the recycle bin. Much like other fun custom design projects, it can be personalized with company colours and branding. 


This will make it far more likely that your workers will frequent the recycling bin because of the clear message about what to do. When the bin is fun and bright, staff will be drawn to it and use it more often. 

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Those are just a few of the endless possibilities for fun custom projects that can make your office stand out from the competition. Employees and customers will all love to see the ways that you make your office completely your own. Whether you want to create a more appealing breakroom or improve your sustainability initiatives, contact Speedpro London for all your custom print projects!

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  • Fun Custom Print Ideas

    Sep 1, 2022
    What type of fun custom print projects can your business make good use of? Learn more about three creative ideas here, and contact Speedpro London!