Floor Decals & Coronavirus Signs For Businesses

Jan 25, 2021

You’re ready to reopen your business, but you want to do so safely and cautiously. Even if you have the best intentions, how do you make sure that your customers and staff wear masks, respect physical distancing, and wash their hands? Following these guidelines is crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your place of business.

To help your clients and employees stay safe, consider displaying decals and signage. You can use posters and graphics to promote physical distancing and inform customers about any new regulations. Here’s how:

Floor Graphics

When your customers are standing in line or waiting for assistance, their eyes will wander around your store. Anything flashy or attention-grabbing will catch their interest. A great way to do this is to add decals to the floor—they might seem less visible than the walls, but floors get noticed fairly often. Think about how frequently your customers look down at their phones; each time that they do, your decal will be right in the front of their eyes. 

If your customers are waiting in line, how do you help them keep their distance? Indicate proper spacing by placing floor decals every 2 metres. This will show people where to stand to keep a safe distance from others. You can also place decals in aisles to indicate which direction customers should walk.


There are several places you can display your signs for more visibility, including:

  • Interior Posters

Add a little something to those plain white walls! You may have printed posters in the past to advertise promotions or new products. But now, that space can be utilized to encourage employees and patrons to be mindful of safe shopping practices. Print messages about keeping your distance, sanitizing your hands, and covering your mouth when you cough.

Not all of your posters need to be informational. Some of your customers might appreciate a hopeful and uplifting sentiment during a time of stress and uncertainty. You don’t need to reference the virus specifically; a message like “We’re all in this together” or “This too shall pass” can lift their spirits.

  • On Windows

As people walk or drive by your store, they might peer into your windows to see what you’re offering. Why not use that space to post a sign about how your business is keeping people safe? Having this information in an easy-to-see location can ease anxieties about in-store shopping.

  • Outdoor Signage

Placing an outdoor sign allows customers to read your message before they set foot into your store. You can warn them about occupancy limits (they may need to wait before getting inside) and mandatory masks (customers will be turned away without one). Establishing these ground rules up front will make for a smoother shopping experience. 

Use a yard sign to inform customers about your new services, like online shopping, curbside pickup, and/or same-day delivery. 

To keep your business safe and contain the spread of the virus, consider purchasing floor decals and signs in London. Doing so will help protect your customers and your staff. At Speedpro, we’re committed to helping business owners across Canada keep their buildings safe. Get in touch with us to start designing your custom signage today.

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