Vehicle Wraps: You Ask, We Answer

Apr 4, 2018

Speedpro Imaging Burloak specializes in “Great. Big. Graphics.” that get your brand and message noticed. One of our most popular ways of doing this is a vehicle wrap. Wraps act as a moving 3D billboard and work 24 hours a day to create awareness for your company. They’re a fantastic way to reach new customers.

This being said, we get loads of emails and calls on the process, cost and about everything else in-between, which we are more than happy to answer! However, we’ve decided to put together a list of the most common FAQ’s to get you started on your way.

Q: What is a vehicle wrap? A: A wrap is a large vinyl decal, often printed in panels. These vinyl graphics are typically laminated with a protective coat that gives a final gloss, matte or luster finish. The vinyl is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle and it actually helps protect the exterior. It can be easily removed years later, returning the vehicle to its original condition. 

Q: Why wrap a vehicle? A: Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective method in existence. The cost per impression (CPI) of vehicle wraps is less than other forms of advertising such as billboards, television, radio and yellow pages. Vehicle wraps can improve the appearance of a vehicle. A wrap will rejuvenate the look of your older vehicle to look new or match others in a fleet. Digitally printed wraps can be duplicated more easily than traditional methods like painting and airbrushing.

Q: How much does a wrap cost? A: Four factors determine the cost of a wrap:

The amount of material needed (make/model/coverage).
The amount of design time and photo acquisition required.
The complexity (or simplicity) of installation.
The quality of the vinyl and laminate (will affect the longevity).

Q: Can I wrap a vehicle myself? A: Installing a vehicle wrap is a difficult process that demands a high level of expertise. Unless you have been trained (YouTube isn’t sufficient) and have experience installing a wrap, you will not be happy with the wrinkles and bubbles which are almost certain to happen, particularly on complex curves. This is why we require all of our installers to be professionally trained and certified.

Q: How are the windows covered? A: You can see through window graphics that are printed on  perforated window film, "Window Perf". Window perf vinyl is perforated with very small holes that allow you to see out. From inside the vehicle, visibility is similar to regular window tint. From the outside, the graphic is visible. We use optically clear laminate on all our window perf too, keeping dirt from settling into the holes and allows water to flow over the perf easier, which helps in rainy weather conditions.   

Q: How long does the process of wrapping a vehicle usually take? A: Getting your design right takes more time than any other phase. It is critical. The design can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks; it depends on the clarity of your ‘vision’ and your availability for quick feedback on design proofs. Once the final proof is approved, we move into production and confirm the installation schedule. From the day of approved art, it can be as quick as 4 to 5 days to complete the installation.

Q: Does Speedpro complete solid colour or carbon fiber wraps? A: Yes, we do both. But, sold colour wraps (such as the popular matte black or carbon fiber) require more labour and attention to finishing details than full-colour vehicle wraps. With full-colour graphics, the vehicle’s original plain colour often blends in visually in locations such as door seems where the wrap doesn’t cover the paint. On the other hand, with solid colour wraps, the vehicle’s original paint may be very noticeable if all the seams haven’t been fully covered. Consequently, a solid colour vehicle wrap will cost 25-35% more than a full-colour vehicle wrap because of the additional labour involved.

Q: What accreditation's does Speedpro have? A: Speedpro Imaging prints exclusively on 3M vinyl and uses 3M Certified installers for their full vehicle wraps, in doing so we are willing to stand by our wraps with a 2-year warranty. 

Have questions for us? We're happy to provide you with specific recommendations based on your vehicle marketing needs - ask us about booking a no-cost consultation with one of our visual communication experts. Contact Speedpro Imaging Burloak today. 905-582-4873

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