Attract More Business with Exterior and Interior Signage

Dec 13, 2022

Attract More Business with Exterior and Interior Signage

Interior and exterior signage are crucial for any business. With professional, high-quality signage, you can reinforce your brand, remove pain points in the customer journey, and increase sales conversions.

In this article, we look at the benefits of indoor and outdoor signage for Hamilton companies and some of the best formats available today for your signs.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Signs for a Business?

Exterior business signs are one of the very first things that customers see regarding your company. A professional, high-quality sign at eye level can draw potential customers’ gaze and spark interest.

A few concise and descriptive words on an exterior business sign can communicate your company’s philosophy and give the reader a hint of the value proposition you offer.

Exterior signs at a distance or along the side of the building can subconsciously make the business seem bigger, and therefore more likely to be an authority in its industry. 

Outdoor signs can help you claim a location as your own. Instead of being known as the business tucked away behind others, a prominent sign states this is your location.

Of course, outdoor signage is also incredible for advertising purposes. Commuters get to see the same advertising time and again, cementing it in their mind for an inevitable future visit to your store.

78% of Canadians say they pay attention to out-of-home advertising, a higher percentage than direct mail, websites, social media, and newspapers.

7 out of 10 Canadian shoppers say they have acted after seeing an out-of-home ad, and a study found that billboard advertising has an average 49.7% return on investment.

Popular Outdoor Sign Options

·      Storefront fasciaExterior signage made from metal, vinyl, and acrylic that can be backlit.

·      Pylon signs—Mounted on single or double poles, pylon signs can be double-sided, illuminated, and include elements such as LED screens.

·      Street signage—Cost-effective sandwich-board sign frames with swappable panels that can be placed on the street.

·      Lawn signs—Simple lawn signs often used in property management and real estate.

Does my Company Need Indoor Signs?

Indoor signage helps to keep the customer journey rolling along smoothly. When customers come into your premises, they should be greeted with signage that immediately lets them know they’re in the right place. This is especially important when you share premises with other businesses.

Indoor signage can be used to show customers where items they want to buy are in your store. Again, this removes another pain point in the purchase process.

Signage should also be used indoors to reinforce your branding message. People in your store are already in the mindset to make purchasing decisions, so subtle messaging on interior signs is a powerful tactic.

High-Conversion Indoor Sign Options

·      Banner and banner stands—Freestanding retractable and portable signs that can be repositioned and used in trade shows

·      Window graphics—Display a graphic to people outside, while allowing those inside to see out

·      Wall decals—Make the most of your wall real estate with great branded wall graphics

·      Trade show display signage—Purpose-built reusable displays for professionalism at trade show events

Professional Business Signage in Hamilton, ON

Speedpro Hamilton is the leading business signage solution company in Hamilton, ON. We work with you to realize the branding and marketing goals of your company, delivering high-quality signage with impeccable installation.

Call us today at 289-656-0336 or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do all we can to boost your business presence in Hamilton and Ontario.

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