How to Come Up with A Name for Your Business

Jun 4, 2019

As you narrow down your option for a business name, consider whether or not it’s challenging to pronounce or spell. Use caution if you’re considering intentionally spelling a word incorrectly for the fun factor or utilizing a name that’s hard to say or spell. When folks browse for you on the internet, do not expect them to recall the unique spelling--and if they inaccurately search, you may send them somewhere else instead of to your company. Creativity is a plus, just remember what’ll work better for your company across all the possible customer touchpoints.

Where do you actually see your organization in the next five years? Ten years? Beyond that? You might not even know yet just how far you’ll take your company, so do not limit yourself. Here, the Penticton vehicle graphics experts of Speedpro Penticton offers more information about choosing a name for your business.

Conduct Your Research

Due diligence is a vital step with any business venture. The same actually goes for your business name. It’s possible to start with a social media and online search to check if anybody is already using that name and whether or not it might possess any negative associations.  

After your initial research, either work with a lawyer to do it or you can confirm the registration process inside your locality to get started. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and Small Business Association site are your top resources to assist in ensuring that you’re set up for success and are protecting all future investments. Hand-in-hand with starting the process of registering your name and business, start the process of claiming your domain name. Browse ICANN for availability, and domain name registrars. It might make sense to register .org, .net, .com, as well as misspellings of the name.


You now have a business name and are determined and ready to go, so the fun begins. Branding: it’s an integral aspect of the success of your future business. You definitely have something to offer, yet you need everybody else to know about it, as well as what makes you stand out in the market. Once you choose the location that you’ll operate from, it’s time to brand it. Visual graphics and signs are what assist you in making that initial visual impression. They ought to aid in capturing attention, identifying your business and what it offers, and reflecting the personality of your organization.

Exterior signage identifies your business and may take multiple forms, which includes monument and site signs, pylon signs, building signs, window and door graphics, and branded doormats. Inside the building, different signage materials and design elements may extend the brand to your decor and assist in building a memorable connection. Smaller spaces can feel and look bigger with wall graphics and murals. Larger areas may use a variety of dimensional signs, custom window shades and wallpaper, digital signage, posters and additional decor graphics. From ceiling to floor, your organization may extend its special brand in a powerful way.

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