Business Printing Pieces To Consider During Reopening Phases

Jul 15, 2020

As shops begin to reopen, businesses are searching for ways to share their new services and regulations with customers. From physical distancing to curbside pickup, businesses that are taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 need a way to send information to clients. An effective and eye-catching way to communicate is by printing different kinds of pieces - from graphics to vinyl, brightly coloured designs will convey important messages and improve your brand’s aesthetic in the process. 

Window decals. Broadcast your message to those outside of your shop by printing window decals. It’s an attractive way to relay information like the importance of frequent hand-washing or offering messages of support. Decorative vinyl designs will enhance the exterior of your storefront. Window pieces will catch the eyes of anyone who passes by, which is a powerful way to build your brand.

Floor graphics. Adding designs to the interior floors of your business is a great way to enforce physical distancing measures. Using clear guidelines, create boundaries that show shoppers where to stand to maintain a distance of 2 metres. These unique print pieces are becoming very common in businesses everywhere - there’s no better way to illustrate physical distancing than to use graphic floor designs.

Printed shirts. Update the work attire of your staff by hiring a print shop to design new uniforms. Shirts provide a canvas for information about physical distancing or other policies. They can also advertise services, like online ordering and delivery. New uniforms will refresh the look of your brand. Print your messages on staff uniforms to keep your customers informed. 

Direct mail. Address your customers sincerely by sending direct mail. It’s a personal way to deliver news about the reopening of your store, promotions offered, or even to offer support during a stressful time. While generic mail is unopened by most, a direct letter including the customer’s full name will catch their attention and read as a genuine gesture. Consider sending letters to transmit essential information to all your clients.

Banners and posters. Take advantage of empty wall space by hanging posters with important information. You can use banners to inform customers about the symptoms of COVID-19, or precautionary measures that will reduce the spread of germs. A colourful poster is an attention-grabbing piece - use it to remind clients about physical distancing while inside the store. 

Outdoor signs. If your store is limiting the number of customers that are permitted to enter, let them know by printing this information on outdoor signage. It’s a safe way to communicate your message before too many people enter your shop. You can also promote services that encourage physical distancing, like online ordering and delivery. Immediately convey instructions by posting them on outdoor signs, like dissuading those who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 from entering your store, or enforcing customer limits. 

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