Benefits of Fleet Graphics

Jun 26, 2019

There are a number of benefits to advertising with vehicle graphics which can not just grow your customer base yet decrease your marketing spend, too. Here in this post, the vehicle graphics Penticton company of Speedpro Penticton dives into this subject a bit deeper:

Marketing managers and advertisers always are searching for ways to boost their exposure. Be it through vital content or a social media marketing campaign, these brand managers always are looking for ways to get their name over to the biggest potential base of clients. No matter what medium you choose, it’ll take a lot of effort. But advertisers might be overlooking one of the most high-reward, low-cost methods - fleet graphics advertising.

Using coaches, trucks, and additional vehicles to get your name out there is an excellent method of marketing to a huge audience, while also restricting marketing costs in the process. Your brand might already have a vehicle fleet which has yet to be wrapped, making them precious marketing assets that are already in your possession. Even if that isn’t the case, there are an abundance of buses and additional vehicles that have unoccupied outside parts to take advantage of. There are various benefits to investing in a fleet graphic marketing campaign. Here, we list a few:


Fleets may travel lengthy distances in one day. For example, take a Greyhound bus. A single vehicle might go from Boston to New York City over to Philadelphia all in one day. This not just garners substantial visibility in 3 major metropolitan regions, it covers all of the ground in between. With the right image, you might be generating a huge quantity of views.

Ninety-two percent of folks say they recognize, read, and see the graphics on a vehicle, and 96 percent consider them to be more efficient than billboards.

Brand identity

There are a number of theories regarding what makes a brand a success, yet something that’s almost universal is having the ability to communicate a contiguous message around media. That means having the ability to prove consistency between numerous advertising forms. If you’re able to create a vehicle graphic that’s consistent with your additional marketing materials, while also being eye-appealing, you might see solid results. However, some design plans which work for one medium might not work with vehicle graphics; therefore, it’s important that you work with companies which can help in the process of design, in addition to removing, maintaining, and applying graphics to ensure your fleet always looks sharp.

Speedpro will assist you in delivering a lasting first impression

As the nation’s leader in quality large format imagery which includes tradeshow exhibits/ displays, vehicle wraps, building wraps, and reprographics, we take visual communications to the next level. Our dedication to superior customer service and quality is unrivalled. We’re changing the “face of society” in applying stunning, larger-than-life, full color graphics which convey visual messages in an emotionally powerful way. 

Can your brand afford not to work with us?  Call Speedpro today at 250-493-6304.


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