Ask These Questions When It Is Your Trade Show Off Season

Mar 12, 2019

Here is the usual scenario: trade show season starts, and you invest in 2 – 3 marketing or trade show events because you expect to see a high return on your investment. You’ll attend, prepare, collect leads – then you are back at the office with a “high on life” attitude prepared to follow up on these valuable leads then convert them to new business.

However, life and workflow gets in the way. Instead you return home, check your emails, look at the work mounting up on your work desk and play some catch-up. Unfortunately, that oftentimes ends in business-as-usual mode and uninviting back to reality wondering where all that motivation went.

We hear of this all of the time.

However, how will you change that vicious cycle which might be hurting your show investment? Well, you just need to make the time. Here is a couple of tips on how to sustain the positive momentum then take advantage of your hard work after the trade shows wrap up for the season.

Ask “Who, How, and Why”

Why am I involved in trade shows? Good question, right – however, do you have the answer? Making the decision to be involved in a trade show is the easy part; it is finding out why you selected that show that is more important. You might be browsing a way to build awareness of your brand, or boost distribution of your brand-new products. It also could be that you’d love to concentrate on client relations as a method of nurturing the one-on-one relationship. Nail down that WHY then determine a concise initiative which aligns with your business plan to move it forward.

How will I measure attendance? Counting leads is step one in measuring your success at the completion of a show yet try to find a way to measure attendance before your show, too. Consider the following – it is like placing an advertisement on Facebook, picking how many individuals to target and going back to check how many of them you actually reached. You must understand the return on investment to make sure your efforts at marketing are working for you. Ask the trade show organizer to provide you numbers based upon last years’ show attendance to assist you in deciding if a certain show is even worth going to.

Who am I actually targeting at the trade show? You may be exhibiting at a well marketed, high traffic trade show, yet have you discovered how to get them to come to your booth? Some of you may become stuck on the quantity of people who visited your booth rather than measuring their legitimate interest in your services or products. Quantity does not equal quality. Do not settle for 300 leads when it’s possible to have 50 qualified leads. In singling out the kind of clients you want, it’s possible to plan the presentation to more efficiently reel them in!

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