All About Trade Show Displays

Sep 16, 2021

We’ve all seen them…booths with no branding or inconsistent branding at trade shows and events. Learn why you should ensure you keep your marketing materials updated and consistent. 

Why use trade show displays?

  1. Leave a great impression on the right people – attendees at events are more likely to remember your company if you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Build trust - People trust companies that have consistent branding and marketing more than companies that don’t.
  3. Show Professionalism– by putting time and resources into how your company is presented you send the message that your company cares about quality.
  4. Educate – attendees passing by your booth can quickly see what you do or what services you offer if you're busy talking to other business representatives. They will probably circle back when you're free. 
  5. Make more connections – attendees will be more interested in visiting a booth that showcases it’s branding versus one that doesn’t. Make them come to you. 

Where can you use trade show displays in Winnipeg?

  1. Pitches and Presentations: Folding panel displays and collapsible displays make great backdrops and are reusable for speaking engagements.
  2. Conferences: Stand out from the competition and sea of booths by having immersive designs and displays.
  3. Expo: Convey your brand’s personality and professionalism to business representatives you meet.
  4. Community Events: Farmers markets, fairs and holiday celebrations are great for tents and pop up displays. Make an impression when you put your company’s brand out there for the public. 
  5. Fundraisers and charity work: Charity events require a lot of printed materials and signs, for both the hosts and sponsors. Banners and table top displays are popular choices for indoor or outdoor events.

Whether it’s a small or large event SpeedPro can help with consulting, design and producing displays for your event.  Contact us for winnipeg printing services, 204-774-6818.

- SpeedPro Winnipeg North 

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