Using Window Film for Attracting Customers

Jul 30, 2018

Your windows: they’re one of a restaurants’ best marketing tools. In turn, window film may say a lot about a restaurant, from telling patrons what they do, to crafting a gorgeous curb appeal. Think about how a customized window film potentially could attract patrons and lure business through the door.

In order to be a success at owning a restaurant, having great food is not enough— offering an environment which complements the food and the patrons it’ll attract also will play a huge role. In most instances, window film may be put in to assist in enhancing the overall guest experience in many ways.

Make Guests Comfortable

For most dining establishments, having a multitude of windows offer sunshine, as well as a breathtaking view that is alluring to patrons. But, the glare and heat which come along with an untreated window may turn customers off. If you ever have had one of your customers request to be re-seated because of the irritating glare during lunch, you’ll know what a problem it might be— particularly if the establishment is full. Professionally-installed commercial window film may block as much as 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, providing substantial glare reduction without reducing visibility. Also, window film offers heat reduction, and reflects around 80 percent of the sun’s heat, which makes your patrons more at ease and keeps your restaurant colder without turning up the AC.

Window Film Provides Ultraviolet Protection

Your patrons likely would not think to use sunscreen indoors; therefore, it is pretty safe to say that they would not apply sunscreen before eating inside your establishment. However, the sunlight that streams in that increases the ambiance additionally permits UV radiation in through windows, contributing to one’s regular sun exposure accumulation. Window film assists in blocking damaging UVB and UVA rays that cause skin cancer, which, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation includes melanoma, additional skin conditions, as well as visible indications of aging.

Decrease Fading, Protect Products and Furnishings

In addition, window film provides protection against the sun’s harmful effects to interior furnishings, artwork, flooring, and fabrics. The price of replacing carpet, furniture, or paintings quickly adds up. Restaurants also may have displays in the front of windows, providing very specialized or higher end products which might become damaged and perhaps ruined by the heat of the sun. In the instance of one wine store owner, multiple bottles of wine heated up so much, their corks popped off! A safety film may provide another type of protection for your business and customers: it holds glass in place if it’s shattered during burglaries, accidents, storms, or additional natural disaster. Plus, do not forget about the energy savings! They may help decrease your utility expenses, and you may have the ability to get a rebate from your utility company for making energy-efficient upgrades to the restaurant.

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