10 tips for better trade show ROI

Dec 5, 2018

From preparation to execution to follow ups, take full advantage of your trade show investment with these ten helpful tips.


1)  Know the why.

Are you there to increase brand awareness? Generate leads? Launch a new product? Know the WHY will determine your budget, goals, and measurable outcomes. 

2)  Brand and bling to bring them in.

You have 3 seconds to get their attention, so make sure your entire display represents your brand - story, colour, size, location - everything matters. Creativity is key! 

3)  Pre-promote.

Send out no-pressure invitations to key prospects in the area to come by for a chat or demo. Promote your booth number on social media. Send out half of a two-piece promo gift. Invite them to visit your booth for the second item. 

4)  Prime your team. 

Give incentives to employees who are running your booth. Set a goal or create a competition. If the goals are met, compensation for your best employee awaits. 


5)  Open-ended questions. 

Practice and prepare some open-ended questions to engage and draw visitors in. Maintain open body language. Take them through your process at their speed.

6)  Be the expert.

Don't just pitch your stuff. If you are a concrete and paving company, have a flyer of pothole prevention tips. Provide answers to difficult questions, and you provide value. 

7)  Great giveaways. 

Make giveaways or gimmicks relevant to your product. Hold a contest or draw to win a larger prize. Food and beverage is always a hit. 

8)  Social media madness.

Take pictures of visitors doing a demo, get permission to tag. Use the trade show hashtags, get vectors involved! 


9)  Follow-up fast.

Do your draw and contact the winner the very next day. Conduct call-backs, set up appointments, enter emails into your newsletter database and send your first email as soon as possible. 

10)  Thank you. 

Give a social media shout-out to the organizers of the show. Tag other vendors who you enjoyed seeing there. Chances are they'll comment or tag you back, and these days, every touch point helps. 

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