Why You Should Plan A Themed Trade Show Booth

Nov 20, 2018

The last few years, themes have been an increasing trend among exhibitors at trade shows and there are a few great reasons why. Almost every marketing event, conference, or trade show has a theme to it and it’ll make sense for marketers who exhibit at such events to also include a theme.


Choosing a theme is going to assist in bringing your whole planning into focus around a single core idea. Each choice you make for the show ties back to this idea. Every detail, small and big, is planned with the theme in mind. As it might be challenging to attempt to work each detail into fitting in with that theme you’ve chosen, it’ll serve as a hopping off point for the whole process and assists everyone in focusing on putting their creativity into the theme. With a single core idea, it’ll make planning each aspect easier. Display graphics and displays, giveaway products, staff training, as well as selling plan and potentially even how your employees dress. As you come up with the one creative thing, everyone in the process of planning will pour all their creativity into ensuring that each detail of the strategy and booth fits this theme perfectly. It’ll take everything needed to prepare for and possibly get rid of hours of additional brainstorming necessary to prepare for them separately.

Display Creativity

Preparing a theme and strategy for the booth will permit your business to exhibit its creativity. It’ll encourage your employees to plan for the event to also be creative. Showing passersby your company’s creative aspect will create a great first impression about its capability of thinking outside the box or adapting. If any existing clients are attending, it’ll also give them an opportunity to also see that creativity, which also could be an extra bonus and serve as a talking point to solidify the relationship. Creativity will always be rewarded and some conferences or shows even have awards for the top booths. Winning one of these awards certainly would enhance the recognition of your brand among clients and attendees, as well as rewards those in your business preparing for the show for that creativity.

An Excellent Lasting and First Impression

An excellent booth, as well as corresponding marketing plan for a trade show is a big key to having success there. Experienced and good exhibiting businesses know that there’s a restricted window to capturing a prospect’s attention. A creatively made trade show booth surrounding a theme is an exceptional method of making a lasting first impression with prospects and provides you the opportunity to also leave a great lasting impression. Great presentations and booths leave an outstanding impression with prospects and will have them chatting about your business in a positive way-- a big victory for any business that exhibits at a show.

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