Why Signage and Trade Show Displays Drive New Business

Nov 15, 2022

Commercial signage is a core part of any business marketing strategy. Building signs, channel letters, and trade show displays are highly cost-effective tools at a one-time cost, each with the power to reach your core customer base in the blink of an eye.

A Key Company Branding Tool

Having consistent branding has been shown to increase revenue by around 33%, and business signage that reinforces your brand is a useful tool for keeping the name of your business in the minds of an increasingly fickle audience.

The choices you make regarding your signage have powerful effects on who will choose to walk through your doors. Over 76% of customers have stated that the quality of exterior signage dictates whether they’ll enter a store they’ve never visited before.

It’s vital, then, to choose an experienced commercial sign company that understands your business and the qualities you are trying to convey to passers-by. Whether you’re a commercial developer, restaurant, retail shop, or car dealership, your company’s signage should always reflect what makes you stand out in the marketplace.

Signage Concisely Delivers Information

Consumers are more and more struggling with information overload due to “an unprecedented deluge of data”. Signage is an example of brand marketing that cuts through this data smog by offering a concise, targeted, message.

When your signage clearly communicates your message, it’s another way you can demonstrate to customers the value proposition of your brand without overloading them with data.

Offering Customers Control Over the Sales Journey

So many advertising and marketing channels can end up being considered pushy and turn customers away from your company. Television commercials, banner ads, phone calls, pop-ups—they all cause a certain amount of customer frustration because they interrupt what the consumer really wants to do. A company that’s constantly annoying its consumers is not long for this world.

Business signage is marketing that keeps the customer in control. It’s passive marketing that gives them the information they need immediately while giving them complete control over whether to take the customer journey further.

Professionalism at Trade Shows

Trade shows are vital for securing new customers and investors. First impressions are crucial in sales, and you can’t fall back on your digital presence at trade shows.

You could have a fantastic website and an outstanding social media presence, but sitting at a bare-bones booth handing out business cards telling your trade show visitors to go home and check out your fabulous website leaves a terrible impression.

Carefully planning your trade show booths in advance maximizes your return on investment. High-quality retractable banners and exhibitor displays that announce your branding across the entire hall give your visitors confidence you have the professionalism and experience to deliver the solutions they need.

Your Signage and Displays Done Right

Get your signage right the first time by choosing the experts. Speedpro Hamilton builds exceptional commercial signage and trade show displays that make your brand stand out from the competition. We work with you to continually expand your company’s potential through professional, high-quality signage.

Get a quote now to supercharge your business marketing today.

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