Why should you have a Construction Site Banner?

Sep 24, 2019

Whether private or commercial, if you are working on building a structure, the importance of securing the site with quality construction banners cannot be overlooked. Construction banners help protect both those working on the site and passersby. But safety and security, although a prime reason, is not the only reason for putting up a fence around your construction project and raising a banner all around it. Wondering why you should have a construction site banner? Read on to find out.

  • Safety and Security

Many developers are guilty of paying little attention to construction site banners, yet any construction site is a high-risk area where safety measures should always be given priority. The Canadian law stipulates that all construction sites uphold safety and security measures and one of these requirements is to fence the construction project and have clear signs all around. Using a banner can highlight the different hazards present and the dangers that lie inside the site. The banners can also include other caution signs and symbols that provide directions around the site. 


  • Enhances Visual Appeal

Unfinished buildings tend to be quite unsightly. Having a construction site banner at various strategic points or all around the site helps veil what is inside. Without it, passersby would be able to see through the mesh fence. You can, therefore, use these banners to keep people on the outside from seeing the heavy machinery, scaffolding and general outlook of the unfinished building. This way you have the chance to do the big reveal once the construction process is finished.

  • Works as Advertisement

As a developer, you can take advantage of the space on your banner to further inform onlookers about the structure and its intended purposes. Here, they not only get to learn about what is going on inside but they also get to see the specific name of the developers. This presents a perfect opportunity for you to tell people who you are, where your offices are located and how those interested can contact you. Companies also use construction site banners to promote and advertise their brands, you can do the same. 

  • Helps to Mark Territory

In cases where there are numerous buildings or where there are several adjacent construction sites, it can be difficult trying to distinguish one from the other. Having a construction site banner is an excellent way to help mark your territory showing people where your site begins and ends.

Banners also help to protect what is inside the site. Because their visual access to the property is limited, it makes it harder for people to vandalize or steal various items. Instead of just putting meshed wire around your construction project, raising a banner all around as it helps you achieve more than just safety. Construction site banners are extremely versatile!

At Speedpro Signs, we design construction banners that can withstand harsh weather elements. Our banners are easy to install, visually attractive, and made of durable material for longevity's sake so you can use them time and time again on different construction projects.

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