Types Of Outdoor Signage

Nov 28, 2021

While the signs inside your business are important, the ones that are located outdoors may be of even greater use to you. They can let your customers know exactly where you are and what to expect. Outdoor signs also promote your business to prospective clients without the need for them to enter your store. Outdoor signs will definitely help new customers learn about and find you. 

If you are thinking about getting some outdoor signage, here are a few helpful styles you might want to consider:



Are you eager to make sure that everyone in the area knows about your business? A billboard is a fantastic way to increase consumer awareness and market a new promotion. Depending on the location of the sign, you might get thousands of impressions each day from commuters who are on their way to work. These large-scale, outdoor sign solutions are great for helping customers learn about your business. 


A-Frame Signs

Do you want to let customers know what they can expect before they even walk through your doors? An A-frame sign can easily be placed just outside your entrance or in the walkway of a mall. These signs let customers know what you sell, what you are known for, and/or what your latest promotion is. 

Restaurants can really benefit from these A-frame signs because they can put pictures of their most delicious meals on the sign, and entice hungry shoppers to eat there.


Lawn Signs

Maybe your business isn’t tethered to a brick-and-mortar location. Many businesses perform their work inside of their customers’ homes. If you are a contractor who works indoors, consider ordering lawn signs to place in the front yard while you work. 

This lets other potential customers know what services you offer. It also provides them with an easy way to touch base with the homeowner for a review of your services. Be sure to request permission to post these signs in their yard first! 



Many businesses want an eye-catching way to let their clients know important information about their company. Consider having a flag made instead of a more traditional outdoor sign. This can be a colourful way to represent your company. Think about a flag with your company logo, an ongoing sale, or another unique attribute of your business.

Your flag will also become a landmark for new potential customers to help them find your location. All they’ll have to look for is your unique flag, and they will quickly find your front door! 


Getting High-Quality Signage

If you are thinking about investing in outdoor signage, you need to know where to go to get high-quality results. SpeedPro London can help you with all of your outdoor signage in London so that your potential customers can find you easily. Give us a call today to see how we can help you better advertise your business!

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  • Types Of Outdoor Signage

    Nov 28, 2021
    Could your business benefit from some outdoor signage? Consider these four, practical, advertising ideas to bring in more potential customers today!