Refurbishing Large Marketing Assets

Jun 18, 2021

SpeedPro Winnipeg North had the amazing opportunity to work with a national client on refreshing one of their client’s biggest branding assets, coming in at 20 feet tall, the Budweiser Hockey Red Light. We were honoured to be entrusted with revitalizing a national treasure, especially since it was such a large asset that would be seen by most of Canada.


It did not come without its challenges. The light was in Alberta so we could not see it’s condition beforehand. The job also needed to be completed in less than 3 days while it was here in Winnipeg during a time of a mini heatwave. But we were ready to take on the job.

The vinyl was originally installed on the inside of the light, meaning our team had to climb inside to work on the project.  First, we had to remove the old vinyl that was cracked and peeling off. 


We then cleaned the interior with a water and isopropyl alcohol mixture, installed & re-wrapped the new inside of the light with translucent red vinyl.


Three days later it was looking good as new!


The Budweiser Red Light was then loaded on a truck and sent to Montreal for the playoffs.  Hopefully it gets to stay in Winnipeg longer next year.

Screenshot 2021-07-02 121150

If you have any marketing assets, large or small that you would like to refurbish, give us a call 204-774-6818.

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