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Feb 5, 2019
Most advertisements are seen as distractions, annoying, or even a reason to look the other way - but when it comes to vehicle and trailer wraps, many consumers don't always relate a fun, colourful vehicle wrap to the kind of ad they click away from or turn down the volume for. 

Whether your vehicle is stuck in traffic, or you’re passing cars on the highway on the way to the next job, people are going to look at what’s in front of them.

Here's four tips that will help get your vehicle noticed, and maybe even turn some heads the next time you're on the road.


Does your company have distinct colours or patterns associated with their logo? A certain font? You'll want to consider using those for your next wrap - the more you associate your mobile advertisement with your brand, the more likely people are going to remember who your company is and what you do. 


When it comes to displaying images, numbers or information on your next vehicle wrap, you'll want to think FAST. Chances are you'll be on the go when your vehicle is spotted, and probably driving pretty fast. Consumers won't have time to read your vehicle if you've got a bunch of wording on it - so your best option is to stick with visuals, or key words that make sense for your business. Short words and phrases make it clear to consumers what your brand is all about.


If you aren't ready to wrap your entire vehicle, consider spot decals in prime locations on your vehicle. We recommend back windows as a great starting point - because it's going to be the first thing those driving behind you notice. 


Plan an idea to have your wrap ready for summer!

Summer is a great time to wrap your vehicle. Warmer weather, no dirt and snow on the roads, and increased foot traffic outside means more impressions for your new vehicle wrap. And we don’t just wrap vehicles, we can wrap boats, too!

Eye-catching graphics can make your boat look like new again, and it doesn’t stop there! Decals, lettering and numbering can also be used to personalize your boat to stand out while on the water.

It’s time to get wrapping!

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