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Aug 17, 2018

Maximize your marketing strategy by incorporating your social media handles and website information into your next vehicle wrap. Plus, it's a great way to have some fun with any new products or promotions your business may have!

First things first, keep it simple. 

Keep it in mind that your vehicle is likely to be on the move most of the time, and passerby's won't have time to retain your message if it's too long or complicated. 

Avoid too much text, noisy background colours and patterns that may take away from your main message or brand identity. 

Pick your font and font size carefully - it should be easy to read from a distance and fit nicely on your vehicle.

Keep important information like phone numbers, names and web addresses away from door handles, key holes and any other parts of your vehicle that may distort your design... we can help with this!

Dreamy Smart car

Show 'em what you've got.

What action do you want consumers to take? Need a few more Instagram followers? Include your username. Want to direct them right to your website? Consider displaying the website URL across the back window of your car. 

Have a summer sale that you really want to showcase? If it's a long running sale, or if you already have a new vehicle wrap in mind for when the sale is over, consider incorporating your most recent promotion in your vehicle wrap or vehicle magnets. 

Mobile marketing will help create up to thousands of impressions each week to your vehicle, increasing awareness to your business and also your new sale or promotion.

It's time to selfie.

This is the fun part. Do you have a big giveaway planned? Are you looking for a way to get your contest noticed, and also gain some ROI? 

Consider using your vehicle as a mobile contest. Include the contest details in your graphics, and as a bonus, have consumers who spot your vehicle follow, like or tag you on social media in their photos in order to be entered in the contest. Check out the graphics we did Jerry's Summer Kayak Giveaway below:

Kayak graphics_car magnets

This is a great way to track the ROI of your vehicle wrap, gain new followers on your social platforms, and also have your customers interacting with your new mobile billboard (aka: your vehicle wrap). 

Want some tips and tricks for designing your next great vehicle wrap? Give Speedpro Ottawa a call at (613) 695-6661 or request a quote on our website!

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