Reasons To Choose A Local Print Shop

Jun 7, 2021

These days, it seems like you have an endless list of businesses to choose from when you shop online. But this convenience comes at a cost—namely, it ignores the importance of your local economy. Supporting local businesses is a lot more beneficial than you might think.

When you need to order printed materials for your company, should you shop online or work with a local shop? Consider the reasons why it’s more advantageous to do the latter:

You Can Reinvest in Your Local Economy

It’s beneficial for everyone to support the area that they live in. You can help to grow your community, generate more jobs, and enjoy real customer-business relationships—it’s a win-win scenario. 

When you buy from a global franchise, you likely have no clue where your money goes. But when you work with local businesses, you know that your money is used to support others in your community. The money stays in your area and helps other businesses like yours!

It’s Easier to Communicate & Customize Your Design

Have you ever tried to convey a complicated idea over an email? You delete lines over and over, as you struggle to simplify your thoughts. Even if your design seemed clear in your mind, no two projects are the same, and communicating your ideas can be challenging.

When you work with a larger, national franchise, your order is merely one in thousands. Customer service and response times may be lacking.

The opposite is true when you order from a local shop. You’ll have more control over the specifications of your design, from the materials used to the overall quality. Instead of sending emails and reference photos, you can actually sit down with a designer and work with them directly.

You Get What You Pay For

When you shop online, you might see customized printing materials that are heavily discounted. At these prices, it might seem too good to be true—and oftentimes, it is.

Larger chains aren’t as incentivized to deliver on quality as local ones. If they lose one customer, more are lined up to replace them.

But with a local shop, you’ll be treated differently. You’ll enjoy the attention to detail and high-quality materials used in the making of your design. And you’ll find that prices are still competitive with online chains! 

The printed materials that you use to market your business represent your values, products, and services. A subpar product won’t leave a good impression on your clients, but one that’s high-quality and professionally designed will.

Skip the Shipping Costs

The shipping industry is responsible for over one billion tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions. When you shop locally, you can simply drive to the store to pick up your order! This means you can skip the additional wait time and fees associated with shipping. 

Lessen your carbon footprint by skipping the shipping and opting for local pickup instead.

By shopping with local print shops, you can help businesses in your community stay strong. It’s a cycle of support that benefits everyone.

Looking for a local print shop? At SpeedPro, we’re Canadian-owned and operated. Our designers will work with you to create a graphic that represents your business and branding. We provide signage in London—contact us for a free consultation today!
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