Build Brand Awareness Through the Use of Vehicle Wraps

Dec 14, 2018

Statistics prove that vehicle wraps include one of the more cost-effective ways to advertise available. The CPI (cost-per-impression) is mind blowing: a single branded vehicle may garnish from 30 to 80 THOUSAND views a day, depending on the routes and area traveled.

Your van, truck, or car is immediately transformed to a billboard on wheels, advertising for your business around the clock, every place you go.

There are many benefits of vehicle wraps over conventional advertising techniques. Check them out here:

  • Strikingly Appealing: The before and after photos tell your story. The photos can be used to sell your story too. Your company’s vehicles are going to look incredible as you make the strategic choice to allow them to advertise for you. Folks are naturally drawn to vibrant designs and colors on vehicles.

  • Far Reaching: Again, impressions are going to depend upon the quantity of vehicles within your fleet, as well as the locations and distance they travel; however, no matter what the variables are, your car will reach the audience that no additional type of media is able to reach.

  • Cost-Effective: There are compelling statistics on vehicle graphics and wraps. The cost-per-impression (CPI) over the lifespan of a wrap averages to 15¢. Compare this to TV ($20) or radio ($11) and you will find there isn’t any comparison, whatsoever.

  • Dual-Purposed: Penticton vehicle wraps actually are going to protect the paint job of your vehicle from dings and nicks. Since they’re removable (and don’t cause damage to paint), Penticton vehicle wraps are able to boost resale value when and if you make the decision to upgrade to a newer car.

  • Well-Timed: When the traffic slows down, the billboards on wheels are useful. With this you might actually appreciate traffic jams, as that captive audience searches frantically for anything close by to keep them entertained, like a strategically wrapped car!

  • Long-Lasting: The average Penticton vehicle wrap lasts 6 years-- a long time in car years. Over this time span, the number of impressions (as well as possible sales) garnished will MORE than pay for the first investment.

  • Hard-Working: If only individuals were this efficient. The vehicle wrap ALWAYS is advertising for you, around the clock, 365 days per year. Whether parked in a parking lot or in front of your store, even in the front of your house, your wrapped car is constantly making impressions.

As evidenced by the above statistics, a Penticton vehicle wrap is, indeed, a smart investment, one which is going to pay for itself repeatedly within its lifetime. And, on top of that, you receive an awesome-looking vehicle, one that’s unique from all of the other ones on the street.

Are you prepared to talk price? Please feel free to get in touch with Speedpro Penticton right away at 250-493-6304 and allow us to assist in boosting your brand with a customized vehicle wrap. Our team of professional designers will craft a professional appearance for ANY vehicle and ensure consistent branding for your whole fleet.

For more information on Penticton vehicle wraps contact Speedpro Penticton today!

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