Marketing Giveaways for Trade Shows: Why Are They Important?

Jul 23, 2019

A study from the journal of consumer research revealed that consumers believe that there’s a high likelihood that free products from prestigious brands are of consistent quality with purchased ones. In another research, 90% of potential customers who received free gifts said they were more likely to buy from that retailer in the future. In a tradeshow event, you should be taking advantage of this proof by having giveaways in your booth. While attractive trade show displays will attract customers to your booth, thoughtful giveaways are a way to make your brand memorable even after the trade show event is over. But this is not the only benefit; promotional giveaways give you a competitive edge even on site. Keep reading…

Increased Foot Traffic to the Display Stand

If you want to make the most out a tradeshow, you cannot cede all the responsibility of increasing foot traffic to the event organizer.  You need something that will attract attendees to your booth. Instead of using caricatures, costumes, and clowns, how about you try something different. Giveaways are a great way of enticing attendees to your booth; use this as a bait to get more people to interact with your brand. But even while at this, you will need to filter out freebie hunters, it’s still business at the end of the day so the people you gift are those who can potentially become your loyal clients.

A Chance to Connect First and Sell Later

This is a well-known adage “People hate getting sold to…but they love to buy.” They hate the stereotype salesperson that follows them around telling them about products they don’t need, pushing for their own selfish interests. In a tradeshow, your goal should be to create interactive experiences for potential clients where you can collect data and later streamline it. Once the giveaways pull traffic to your booth, you now have a chance to connect, engage, and answer any questions so that even as the customer leaves your booth, they know what you’re all about.

Brand Promotion

In a crowded expo of display stands and attendees, your business brand needs to create favorable impressions? Issuing giveaways is a great way to set your company apart from other brands positively.  To create a lasting effect, first profile your audience before the event so you select giveaways that will be as relevant as possible. You need to know what your expected audience actually need and use. You can emulate strategies from some of the big brands in the market. For instance, Amazon will never impose a check-out process for a product you don’t need. Your giveaways need to intentional in that they are appreciated and used by those who receive them. Even as they are thoughtful, the giveaways should subtly sell you; they should prominently display your company information and logo as this is the only way to reinforce the message and spread the word.

Marketing giveaways creates a world of possibilities for businesses that want to attract prospects. Don’t be the lackluster booth that disregards the marketing benefits of giveaway items


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