Make an Impact with New Trade Show Displays

Aug 15, 2018

The graphic elements of your trade show booth have to powerfully reflect who you are, as well as draw traffic to your booth in the middle of a crowded, loud exhibit hall that is filled with competitors and distractions. While skilled exhibit staff members, pre-show marketing, as well as at-show promos serve to attract possible prospects, the image and appeal of a trade show booth graphic may make or break results of sales.

You have 3 seconds to make a first impression on the ones going past your exhibit. Trade show display booth graphics have to be arresting, large, as well as clearly communicate the benefits of your business offering.

There are 5 important elements which make banner stands and exhibit displays visually gripping to make a powerful impact upon the exhibition floor. Those elements include smell, sound, motion, lighting, and color.


The tones and color you pick for the display may help you stand above the competition, as well as convey your brand’s message. Cool shades such as green, blue, and white look professional and slick, but might not be solid interest grabbers. Warmer shades such as orange, red, and yellow will collect more attention, but have to be selectively used because they may be seen as too strong or might carry additional connotations.


Creative usage of lighting may assist in drawing focus to your trade show booth. It’s possible to opt to highlight a new product or create an inviting, warm atmosphere which beckons trade show attendees.


Very few exhibitors utilize motion method to draw traffic to their display space or a certain graphic at a trade show booth. But, projecting a DVD onto a massive screen, using colorful streamers, having product demonstrations, or additional moving objects may be very effective.


Playing nature sounds, having nice music, featuring live entertainers or additional sounds which appeal to auditory senses might be of assistance to entice visitors to your booth. However, be careful that the levels of sound are set appropriately so they may be heard in your space, but do not disturb others around you.


Similar to the alluring smell of cinnamon buns discovered in shopping malls, having cookies or additional tantalizing scent emanate from your trade show booth will attract traffic. Most exhibitors utilize popcorn to entice visitors. But, this approach is used too much and won’t make the booth seem different or unique.

Bringing all these elements together usually requires special counsel and expertise to ensure a high impact display. Here, we detail the attributes you should look for in a great trade show designer:

Exceptional Designers Have An…

  • Creative, open mind

  • Knowledge of materials and how they’re best used

  • Capability of communicating ideas precisely and clearly

  • Knowledge of structure

  • Knowledge of the limitations of her or his company

For more information on how to make an impact with new trade show displays contact the innovative trade show displays services of Speedpro London today!


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