Interior Office Signage: A Unique Way To Brand Your Office

Jul 12, 2021

You’ve worked hard to create a brand logo that’s well-designed and eye-catching. Across your social media pages and newsletters, you feature images and colours that correspond to your branding. But can you say the same about your office? A workspace that’s cohesive with your business logo can make your office unique. 

If you rent an office, you might be limited in terms of how you can decorate it. Painting the walls or changing the floors may violate the terms of your lease. One thing you can do is design interior signage to display around the workplace.

Here are a few ways that you can make your office stand out by using signs:

Share Your Values & Achievements

In a reception area, customers will take note of the photos on the wall. You can use signs to inform others about your company’s core values. Show how your business is working to be more inclusive, accessible, or environmentally friendly. 

To help your clients get to know you better, make prints of company trip pictures, awards you’ve won, and products that you offer. 

Communicate through Images

Your brand logo helps customers familiarize themselves with and remember your business. With branded interior signage, a customer will know exactly what you offer the moment they step into your office. For example, a plumbing company might choose a mural made of different pipes and faucets.

A paper sign might look tacky, especially if the edges become ripped or wrinkled. Printed signs will stand the test of time and show that quality is important to you.

Add Art

Not all signs need to serve a practical purpose. Dedicate a portion of your wall space to images that add an artistic flair to your office. These images don’t have to be completely unrelated to your business; instead, choose designs and graphics that refer to your industry. 

Make the Workplace More Positive

How do you make the workplace a more positive, bright, and unique area for your employees and clients?

Use signs to showcase encouraging or motivational quotes. On a slow day, your eyes might wander around the workplace and search for some source of inspiration. A funny sign that brings a smile to your face can help you keep going. You can use silly one-liners that make jokes about your industry or the office culture. In turn, this could have a positive effect on productivity

A dull office might make the workday drag on. Use signs to add pops of colour to your business. Fun designs can make the office feel more positive and welcoming.

Things to Consider when Designing Signage

Decorating an office can be tricky. You want to add something unique to your space but maintain an aesthetic that’s professional and business-oriented. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider your branding colours. You don’t want the office to look like just any office—when employees and clients come in, you want them to recognize that it’s your business. Use signage that’s cohesive with your branding.


  • Show what sets you apart. If you like the office to be a fun, open, and energetic place, you can show that in its interior design. Use signs to share information about how you got started in your industry and how the company has grown over the years.


Rebranding your workplace with signage can make your office truly unique. At Speedpro, we provide office signage in London. We pride ourselves on offering unmatched customer service and high-quality results. Contact us today for printing services.

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