How to Personalize and Humanize Your Brand

Feb 25, 2019

Can we be truthful? Consumers don’t trust your brand. What are you going to do? If shoppers automatically distrust a brand, how will you move past the immediate response and head to the good stuff—the point where they actually hear your sales pitch? The answer is simple: humanization. Since folks trust other individuals more than they do other companies, if you want to get customers, you have to personalize and humanize your brand. Here is how.

Create a persona

Step one in humanizing a brand includes imagining it as a real human. Visualize your brand as a fictional character that has a personality, a human voice, and a backstory. What is this person’s name? Who is this person? How does the person dress? What is their favorite food? Questions such as those will assist you in developing a genuine brand personality, in order for you to recognize how it’d engage with consumers as a human being.

Show real people

Second, personalize your brand by showing the actual people behind it. As consumers see the company as just a logo, they do not feel connected with it. But, place your team members in the spotlight, and all of a sudden, customers have an actual person they’re able to identify with. Share staff member information on your website, have an employee of the month and even conduct “behind the scenes” takes on social media in order to place staff members upon the main stage.

Be transparent

There is something really refreshing about honest, genuine content on the Web. Humanize your brand by opening up with it. Be transparent in how your brand communicates, how it communicates, and what it communicates with consumers.

Tell a story

Everyone likes a good story, which includes your clients. Storytelling is among the most human, personal connections we have; therefore, draw customers into your brand by sharing your stories. For instance, instead of merely saying when your business was founded on your site, share a story about why your business was founded. What is the passion behind your brand? Tell stories such as these, and customers are going to feel a lot more connected.

Share user content

Personalize the brand, when in doubt, by sharing user-generated content. It’ll humanize your brand in a couple of ways: (1) it’ll flatter the user who has their content featured upon your social media or website; (2) it’ll show additional customers that you have excellent relationships with their peers. Ask existing clients for user-generated content through social media, branded materials, or email marketing to humanize your brand.

Appreciate your customers

Ultimately, you can draw customers into a human, personal brand by appreciating them from the start. Allow your customers to know how much you actually care about them and what their business really means to you. For instance, send loyal shoppers company swag, reach out through personalized messages, or offer a special discount. As you show customer appreciation, you’ll generate a more appealing and human brand.

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