How To Add Colour Into Your Branding

Aug 27, 2020

The top companies in the world use colour to distinguish their brands to create lasting impressions. Colour psychology is an important aspect of marketing - it changes the way consumers perceive and remember your business. A well-designed colour scheme shows that your company is established and sets you apart from others in your industry. To take advantage of this, you might consider revamping your brand. But too much colour, or too little, can send customers to your well-designed competitors. How should you properly utilize colour in your branding?

Before you decide to redesign your brand, ask yourself which colours will best serve your business. Different tones affect a consumers’ perception of your goods and services. Depending on your industry, you’ll want to select specific shades to evoke specific effects. Humans are sensitive to colours, which elicit emotional responses depending on the hue. Yellow exudes positivity and energy, making it an ideal choice for creative industries or children’s toys. Blue is a dependable and trustworthy shade that speaks of maturity and stability. Green is a fresh colour that conjures images of growth; it’s a popular shade for banks and eco-friendly companies. Red commands attention and is used commonly by fast food industries and car brands. Purple is a luxurious, royal shade that can be used for technological brands or creative endeavors. Orange is related to sunshine and playfulness; this enthusiastic shade is useful for social networks. Finally, black is a colour that appears powerful and serious. It is used for high-end brands that want to represent their sophistication and style.  

Once you’ve selected one or two shades that suit your industry, it’s time to find ways to add colour into your branding. Here are some suggestions that can help your business grab positive attention from customers: 

Product design. When you attach your brand’s logo to your goods, customers take it home with them and have a reminder of your business. From the bag to the item itself, adding your branding to the packaging is a great way to gain more exposure for your business.

Employee uniforms. As customers browse your shop, they’ll take note of coordinated uniforms that utilize the colours of your brand. Branded uniforms create a consistent and cohesive shopping experience. When clients need help, they can easily identify store employees among other customers. 

Advertisements. When your ads match your brand, customers will find it easy to recognize your business. This has a positive impact on your company by making your advertisements more memorable. Use your chosen colours in your online or physical ads to increase brand recognition.

Website design. Most shoppers do their browsing online these days - create a strong presence on the Internet by designing a website that incorporates your brand’s chosen shades. A site that’s easy to navigate and representative of your business will have the best user experience for your customers. 

Colours can help consumers remember your brand and associate them with your business. Do you need help choosing a new logo for your company? Speedpro offers graphic design services in London, ON. We’ll help revitalize your business by designing high-quality images that will build your brand, and leave a lasting and positive impression on customers.

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