Design Tips For Commercial Semi-Truck Wraps

Jul 29, 2022

 You already know how effective it can be to incorporate vehicle wraps into your marketing, but a semi-trailer truck wrap is a bit more complicated to design than a brochure. What should you keep in mind for an excellent wrap that conveys your brand’s main message? From the colours you use to the images on the wrap, there’s a lot to consider before committing to your next commercial wrap. 


For a few concepts to spark your ideas, here are four top tips to help you make an effective design for your company’s semi-truck: 

Use Brand Colours


While it can be appealing to make your new semi-truck wrap as colourful and eye-catching as you can, it’s best to stick with a simple colour scheme. Use your logo as a guide to help you figure out what colours will work best. By utilizing your brand colours, you can keep things consistent across all of your promotional materials. After all, your truck wrap is another marketing tool that you can use to access a wider audience. 

Minimize Text


It can be challenging to read lines and lines of text while driving down the highway. Even if the semi-truck is parked, you might have just mere seconds to convey your message to someone who happens to be driving past it. Make the most of getting their attention by keeping text to a minimum. 


Use large fonts appropriate for the size of the truck and stick to just your brand name and slogan, if you have one. It will help to know the exact dimensions of your truck to make sure the font is sized appropriately. 

Keep It Simple


A semi-trailer truck provides an extra-large canvas for you to decorate with your new commercial wrap, and you’ll want to keep it as simple as possible. While you can use images and logos that represent your business, you have to accommodate for the motion of the truck. 


Don’t crowd the design so much that it’s difficult to decipher the advertisement at a quick glance. It is kind of like a billboard – you want the message to be clear even when driving. 

Be Direct


A vehicle wrap isn’t the time to get creative with your marketing. Be clear about what you offer to your customers. Make sure that the images and text you use reflect that. People who are driving past your semi-truck wrap won’t have much time to gather what your business does. Make it easier for them by using clear depictions of what your company offers. For example, you might use a picture of an air conditioner if you’re an HVAC contractor. 

Get Your Wrap Professionally Designed


The best thing to do to keep your semi-truck wrap looking professional and to make it an effective marketing tool is to have it professionally designed. When you’re looking for semi wraps in London, Speedpro London can help. Give us a call today to start the discussion about how we can assist in designing your next vehicle wrap. 


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