Custom Yard Signs & Lawn Signs

Sep 28, 2020

As you drive through your neighbourhood, you probably notice the lawn signs in the yards of different houses and businesses. They’re a popular way to send messages to passersby. Many businesses use lawn signs to advertise the services that they provide. Made of corrugated plastic, lawn signs are recognizable and enduring. Interested in adding a lawn sign to your property? Here are some of the advantages that they have to offer:

Show political support. Yard signs become especially popular during election season. You can use them to show that you back a political candidate. If you plan to vote for a less-popular party, a lawn sign is a way to encourage others to do the same. They may be afraid that by voting for an unconventional party, their vote won’t matter; when they see your sign, they’ll know that they’re not alone.

Advertise your business. If your business does residential work like house painting or roof refinishing, a yard sign is a great way to advertise your services. The locals who notice will have one follow-up question for your client: who did that job? The lawn sign will answer that for them. It’s an effective way to demonstrate the quality of your work.  

They’re cost-effective. The price of lawn signs is hard to beat. You can post a custom design on your property that lasts through trying weather conditions and years of sunlight. It’s a one-time payment for an advertisement that endures.

You’re selling your home. Let people know that your property is for sale with a bold lawn sign. If you’re having an open house, use a yard sign to show the date and time. Once home buyers see your sign, they’ll look up your property listing online, and may schedule a meeting with your agent.

Yard signs are eye-catching. Using bright colours on your sign is an effective way to grab attention. Print a message that’s short and sweet - you only have so much space on a sign. Then, use elements of design and colour to make it appealing to look at. Custom signs are unique. Your home or business will stand out with a specially-designed sign.

They’re easy to install and simple to maintain. To put up a lawn sign, all you need to do is insert the wooden or metal stakes into the ground and push them down. Whenever the signs get dirty, use a wet cloth to wipe the surface. During the winter months, you can remove them and store them in a convenient location. If you take good care of your sign, you can even reuse it the following year. 

Share a thoughtful message. Not all yard signs need to be for monetary gain. You may simply wish to spread a message of kindness and love during a time of hardship. Share your beliefs about inclusivity and the importance of supporting one another with a yard sign - place it in your front yard so that the positive message is front and centre. 

Do you want a sign in London, Ontario? Contact Speedpro today. Our team produces high-quality graphics and designs that you’ll be proud to put on your lawn. We can meet with you for a design consultation to help you create the perfect sign for your yard. 


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