Custom-Frosted Window Decals

Nov 13, 2020

Does your business need a new design? Something to revitalize the exterior and drum up fresh customers? We don’t often think of windows as advertising space, but with graphic decals, that’s exactly what they can be. The frosted appearance of the decal offers your business privacy while still allowing natural light to shine through; it’s a way to make your location look more refined and modern. Use these decals to display your logo, name, store hours, or a festive design. You can promote an upcoming sale to interest those who walk by your location. To learn more about the different kinds of frosted decals and how to apply them, keep reading:

A custom-frosted window decal can make more people aware of your brand. As they go by, they’ll take notice of your clear and clean windows. Window graphics are affordable and removable, making them a cost-effective method of advertising. You can choose whether you want the sticker to adhere to the outside of the window or the inside—each has advantages and disadvantages. If the decal is placed on the outside of the window, it will be more colourful and visible, especially to those who are far away. Unfortunately, it will be subject to outdoor weather conditions like rain and snow. An indoor decal will be protected from the elements but will be less bright. The option you choose may depend on the climate in your area.

There are several ways you can use frosted vinyl to create stunning designs. Reverse cut vinyl is when your graphic is cut out of the frosted material; it frames your logo with the frosty border. Light will shine through the decal in the shape of your design. The opposite is standard cut vinyl. With this decal, your logo is made of the frosted vinyl, and the surrounding elements are transparent. For example, if you wanted a print of the word “DECAL”, the inside space of the D and A would be transparent, but the letters would be frosted. You may also choose to purchase a blank frosted sheet of vinyl, with no particular design, to coat an entire window or sections of it. A frosted decal will obscure the inside of your building, which is great for businesses that need private offices or have an age-restricted entrance. 

When installing a frosted decal, caution is advised. These decals aren’t easy to install on your own; you’ll need a few tools to do the job right. Before you apply the decal, make sure that the window is completely clean from dust and dirt. You can use pieces of tape as a reference so that you apply the design in a straight line. Wet the glass with warm water to make the application easier. Then, peel the backing from the decal and start to apply it. Use a squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles or water. Hopefully, your decal has been applied seamlessly and is air bubble-free!

A custom window decal can make your business look unique, and set you apart from the competition. Frosted vinyl adds a wintery touch to your design that is artistic and eye-catching. For graphic design in London, Ontario, contact Speed Pro. Our designers will work with you to create a truly memorable graphic for your business.

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