Caring for Your Marketing Assets

Jun 14, 2021

Using vehicles to get your name out there is an excellent method of marketing to a huge audience, while also restricting marketing costs in the process.  However, the only thing worse than no graphics are graphics that look old, faded or damaged. So, how do you maintain your vehicle wrap? At SpeedPro we make the asset care guides clear and easy to follow since we want your marketing to look great while lasting as long as possible.


  • Do not clean until 3 days after installation
  • Clean every 2 weeks
  • Clean twice weekly in winter if subject to road salt
  • Waterless Wash recommended
  • Do not use brush type car washes
  • Avoid harsh cleaning solutions
  • Tar & Grease: use IPA, if unsuccessful, use mineral spirits or citrus based cleaner; re-clean with soap & water
  • If using hard water, wipe dry


  • Pre-rinse with clean water
  • Clean with mild soap and warm water
  • Clean with rag, sponge or soft brush
  • Do not use hard bristle brushes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Let dry naturally
  • To avoid water spots remove water with silicone squeegee and dry with soft non abrasive towel


  • Pressure should not exceed 1200 PSI
  • Use Nozzle Spray pattern of 40 degrees
  • Nozzle no closer than 12 inches
  • Nozzle Angle no less than 60 degrees
  • Temperature should not exceed 80° C
  • Do not pressure wash any Perforated Window Film


  • Avoid using wax that contain petroleum distillates or silicone
  • Do not use wax on Matte vinyl
  • Polishes made for Vehicle Graphics may be used (except on Matte vinyl)


  • Do not use Rear Window Defogger if Graphics are on rear window
  • Do not use Rear Window Wiper if Graphics are on rear window
  • Do not roll down any window that has Graphics or Lettering installed on it

    (Unless the installation method has specifically allowed for this. Even then limit frequency)

  • Do not use Ice Scrapers on any window that has Graphics installed on it
  • Do not pressure wash any Perforated Window Film


  • Do Not Pick at the edges of the Graphic or Lettering
  • Avoid driving where vegetation can rub up against the vehicle graphics
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to petroleum spillage
  • Avoid Exposure to harsh caustic or acidic chemicals
If you think your vehicle graphics need a refresh call us today! 204-774-6818.

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