Brand Color Selection

Aug 14, 2019

Our brains are hardwired to love color and images. Colors generate emotions and if there’s something human beings love; its emotions. Emotions help us feel, react and survive. Emotions also create deep connections. Most startups struggle with how to choose their brand colors. When selecting a business brand color, you should ask yourself these questions: what emotions do you want to evoke? Who is your target market and what colors appeals to them most? Sounds complex? Don’t worry, at Speedpro London, we offer signage solutions including business signs in London, logos, banner printing, wall decal and more. And while at it, take you through how to go about choosing your brand colors. We’ll keep it very simple.


Once you choose your brand colors, you can’t go back and change them, well not so easily. That’s why doing your research is important. It all starts with you knowing what you stand for in terms of values, your brand voice and what words you’d want your customers to associate you with. You could start by creating a mood board of colors and images you feel represent your brand. Then from there settle for a base color (this is usually the dominant color). Good thing is, inspiration is everywhere, from nature to platforms lie Pinterest and Instagram.

Color Psychology

Whether you’re a supplements brand trying to connect with the aging population or a fashion brand trying to appeal to a more youthful audience, color plays a huge role in how your brand is perceived. Studying the meaning of different colors and what emotions they evoke will help you settle on a palette that appeals to your ideal customer. By using colors strategically, you can either blend in the crowd or stand out. This explains why marketers have consistently used colors to influence what people think about a brand and their behavior towards certain products or services. For instance, red is associated with danger, passion, excitement, and energy. Green on the other hand represents growth and nature. This explains why Coca-Cola chooses to use red as their base color as most herbal products use shades of green; they all evoke different emotions. Wrong color selection can damage your brand image or make you be ignored by the very people you’d want to appeal to. 

Color Wheel

Once you settle for a dominant color, you need to pick other complementary colors. But, settling for a color palette can be like reading a foreign language if you’re not a designer. Thanks to technology, you don’t need to be a designer to get it right. Color wheels available online can help you select a color palette that augers well. A color wheel shows the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors. So long as you have settled on your base color and this is your bands most dominant color, the color wheel can help you with the rest.

Choosing the right brand colors is like dressing up in the morning, it all says what you represent. Your final color pallet should do the same. And that’s why we are here to help with your banners, logos, business signs, wall, and floor graphics, the list is endless. Call us at (519) 649-0282 and let us hold your hand.


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