Are You Listening? How to Collect Feedback in a Tradeshow Event

Aug 20, 2019

Trade shows are a great opportunity for businesses to introduce new products to the market, and move prospects down the sales funnel. But this can’t happen if you don’t collect feedback. Collecting then later evaluating feedback provides a reality check on your tradeshow’s performance; what those in attendance feel about your products or services and where they think you can improve. The problem is, getting feedback from attendees is not an easy task; a little creativity will help. Keep reading…

 Live Social Media Updates

Social media platforms are a great place to collect feedback since this is where your attendees are also likely to talk about your event. But this also means you must find ways to increase social media engagements. A great way to do this is to reach out to those in attendance through social media contests, games and online discussions. So instead of broadcasting advertising messages, your speakers can encourage attendees to participate in the games or contests, tweet questions or simply share quotes taken from presents. Hyping up your social media engagements will increase user feedback which you can collect and evaluate after the trade show is over.

Voice and Facial Recognition

Did you know that online media companies like Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix are already using technology to access real-time consumer sentiments?  Netflix, for instance, has access to what chapters of movies and TV shows people hate, love, skip or re-watch. It is this useful data that was used to engineer series such as ʻʻhouse of cards.’’ In a similar way, you can use technology to filter the attendees’ emotions. Placing cameras that feature this technology around in your stand and having those interested in your products or services answer some questions can help capture both voice and facial expressions. This technology can help anticipate what people need, sometimes even before they realize it themselves. This is rich data for product development and improvement.

User Testing

If you want to achieve high user satisfaction, understanding how people interact with your product is of essence. You stand to gain lots of insights when you watch users interact with your product rather than when they buy those products from the store and go use them at home. So in this case, you will be collecting feedback as you observe. You can collect even more feedback by requesting the users to fill a feedback questionnaire or just record a short interview on their experience. User testing is one of the simplest, yet effective methods of increasing your business growth and profitability. You stand to gain a lot from your tradeshow event when you incorporate user testing because you will not only get answers from the users but they will also help you see your product or service from a completely different perspective. You could also keep the database of testing participants since they can participate in future beta testing.

Collecting feedback in your trade show displays is an essential development and improvement tool. Even as you collect feedback, remember that no feedback is bad feedback because whereas good feedback is like a client testimonial, bad feedback is not a chink in your armor, rather negative feedback only gives you a roadmap on areas to improve upon and shine in future.

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