5 Benefits of Canvas Prints Over Paper

Nov 20, 2018

There’s an additional way to print your photographs so it’s possible to display them as large as you want to anywhere in your office or home while making them appear like they are priceless masterpieces which belong inside a museum. Canvas prints, additionally known as canvas gallery wraps are a quality and excellent method of displaying your most valuable photographs which offer several benefits as it’ll come to affordability, beauty, and versatility vs. having the photographs printed on paper. Let us explore five benefits of canvas prints:

Eliminate costly bulky frames

As you make the choice to print on canvas rather than paper, the image is stretched onto the frame in the same way an artist stretches the canvas onto a frame before they paint. As a result, the print is pre-framed. There isn’t any need to cover any of the photo with matting material or frame and the process wraps the photo over the bottom, top, and sides of the image. Of course, it’s still possible to frame a gallery wrapped canvas print, yet it is optional and not necessary. Plus, because you do not require a frame, canvas prints typically are priced less than framed, large format prints.

Heirloom quality craftsmanship

As an amateur photographer, you’ll know that your pass time is not cheap. Certainly, cameras inside cell phones are improving, occasionally even impressive. However, they still aren’t any substitute for real cameras, whether you are shooting 35mm film or digital work. You also work diligently on your chosen artform. Gallery wraps and canvas prints permit you to show off your best work while providing it the quality of a beautiful oil painting. The canvas prints are permanent and may be handed down, as well as cherished for generations.

No size limitation

With photos printed on paper then framed, you’ll sacrifice some of the image to both the frame and matte. In addition, the larger a print, the heavier a frame, which means that you are limited as it’ll come to the size print it’s possible to display. But, with canvas prints, because the photo is wrapped around the frame, you’ll never need to sacrifice any of the image. Moreover, you aren’t restricted to a maximum size.

Free of Glare

Even a matte photograph under glass will encounter glare as it is hung in your living room or on the walls of your office. A gallery wrap is pre-framed and doesn’t require glass, so sun and light will not reflect off of them in the same way they will on a framed photo. This means it’s possible to enjoy the whole photo all the time without the distraction of any glare; not just as the sun is in the right position.

Save money

Certainly, canvas as a material is costly, yet surprisingly not as pricey on average as it is to have the print framed and mounted. It may seem counterintuitive yet having your most cherished photographs printed on canvas rather than investing in frames costs less in the majority of cases.

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