4 Tips Your Brand Can Use To Make Its Best First Impression

Nov 30, 2020

When it comes to branding, appearances are important. Your clients will judge you based on the quality of your logo, design, and colour scheme. First impressions can make or break a sale—they can be a deciding factor in whether a customer will choose your business or your competitor’s. If you’re ready to make paying customers out of positive impressions, we’ve gathered a few design tips that will improve your branding:

  1. Consistent and high-quality designs. Your business probably has an array of social media accounts, from Facebook to Instagram. If your Facebook posts are all neon green and pink, but your Instagram photos are earth-toned, consumers will notice the disparity. It may confuse them, and they’ll wonder if the accounts are run by different people. Since many consumers find out about brands through social media these days, your presence on these platforms may be their first impression of you. Always try to be consistent, professional, and cutting-edge.
  2. Be honest. Most consumers can smell ingenuousness from a mile away. If you make unrealistic claims, put on a fake persona, or exaggerate, your business won’t resonate with clients. By creating an authentic brand, you’ll form a lasting connection with your customers—86% of consumers find authenticity to be a key factor when choosing to support a brand. They’ll remember your business as one that markets itself sincerely and honestly. If you want to present your brand as a genuine one, personalize your marketing and share your story. The identity of your business will be what stays in the consumer’s mind and gives you an advantage over the generic competition.

  3. Quality writing. While the aesthetic of your brand is undeniably important, so is the quality of writing that’s associated with it. From your email campaigns to the blog posts on your website, you want the language that you use to be precise, meaningful, and interesting. Depending on your target audience, you may focus on being entertaining or more informative. Try to speak their language to better connect with them. Not all your blog posts and social media captions have to be promotional; try sharing some industry information or how-to tips with your followers. They’ll appreciate the value you provide and think more positively of your business.

  4. A branded sign. Even though many of our interactions take place online, there’s something to be said about the impact of physical branding. Your outdoor signage is highly visible and therefore has a significant impact on your customers. It immediately informs them about how well your business is maintained and your attention to detail. Signs that are deteriorating may be hard for people to see, and they might miss your storefront altogether. That’s not exactly the first impression that you want to make! If you want your business to get noticed, it’s time for a signage revamp. 
Looking to overhaul your branding and make a lasting impression on new clients? SpeedPro offers signs in London, Ontario. When your outdoor signage is fresh and refined, clients will take notice. Your brand will come across as one that’s polished, clean, and on top of trends. From sidewalk signs to outdoor awnings, you can trust SpeedPro with your designing needs.

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