4 Reasons Consumers Are Not Purchasing from You

Mar 11, 2019

Trying to get an appointment with a consumer you have spent substantial time pitching and following up with may be a thrilling time as a sales executive. However, hearing the words “I will think about it” after the meeting may be extremely frustrating.

What is it that you did wrong? Were you too sales-y or pushy? Probably not.

Below, we list the 4 reasons why they are not placing orders:

You aren’t presenting relevant merchandise

As a sales representative, you might believe your duty involves presenting the whole line or collection to every buyer. But the buyer always will be short on time, and furthermore, short on patience.

In presenting merchandise which wouldn’t do well for that particular shop, it’ll become apparent to the buyer that you did not spend time curating a customized set of merchandise which would drive the best sell for them.

Choosing certain styles beforehand based upon that buyer’s target customer not just shows the buyer that you have conducted your research, yet also shows how it’s possible to be an excellent partner to that retailer and support them in each order they place.

You aren’t completely prepared

Like presenting irrelevant merchandise, not being prepared may come across as inconsiderate, unprofessional, and ultimately may harm your relationship with the retailer.

There are a few standard things to prepare, like having an abundance of linesheets customized to their budget and tastes, charged iPad, and making sure the collection is correctly organized for easy presentation and access.

But, there also are more specific activities to finish before the meeting which will show the buyer you have conducted your research and are prepared to help them build the ideal order.

You do not ask for the order

Some representatives become so caught up with overtalking and selling that they forget to close the sale by just asking for the order.

More than likely the buyer already knows they’re going to write an order — they would not be wasting your time, or most importantly, their time — yet it is up to you to make sure that the order goes from drafted to placed, as well as is as large as it can possibly be.

The primary takeaway involves getting an idea of which styles they love the most and place together a written order.

You do not follow up

If you do not have the ability to write the order at the time of your meeting, you must ensure that you place a follow up strategy into place.

In-depth notes and highlighted styles they were curious about at the meeting may be used to craft a customized sales order of what their possible buy might look like. Send those details in the follow up email in conjunction with suggested quantities and sizes.

Keep in mind, until you hear a “NO”, you ought to be continuously following up until you get the order.

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