The Importance of Business Cards

Jul 26, 2018

Everything conducted in business these days is digital – signing agreements, sending mail, networking, and attending meetings. Business cards are something digital won’t replace anytime soon. Below are 5 reasons why business cards are still relevant -- and why you must always have a wallet full of cards.

Digitally swapping contact details isn’t personal

Networking is all about making a genuine connection. Sending contact details through email or text on the spot is easy, yet it’s also impersonal. Interacting in actual conversation and making eye contact is how relationships start.

Two people who have their heads buried inside their cellphones entering text will not develop any type of substantial memory of the get-together. You easily can transfer the details from business cards to mobile devices after a conversation.

They’re the most efficient marketing tools

Paid media, SEO, and email marketing all do a good job of attracting prospects and leads; however, they still are not as efficient as an in-person meeting that is sealed with a shaking of hands in conjunction with an exchange of a business card.

It’s possible to encounter a possible contact or lead at any time – a conference, a tradeshow, an airport lounge, happy hour -- and always arming yourself with a business card ensures that you never miss out on making an important business connection. Keep a few inside your wallet, pockets, laptop bag, or money clip so the following time you come across a prospect you’re prepared.

Creative cards are shared – and continue to market for you

Business cards are physical objects that potential prospects leave encounters with. Your business remains with them.

If you see a prospect and exchange phone numbers and email addresses each of you leave with another contact upon your phone – it’ll end there. If you give out a creative business card which makes an excellent impression that individual likely will show it to others -- placing you and your brand in the forefront of more prospects.

Cards show you’re prepared

Did you get someone to write her or his contact details on a napkin then hand it to you? How about somebody who had a phone that had a dead battery? Not the most professional approach.

If you met with two people and one was trying to find a pencil and paper and the other individual just pulled out their card, who would you more likely conduct business with? Proving that you’re always prepared is an outstanding sign that you’re professional.

Business cards are your brand’s first impression

As you meet someone who potentially could be an exceptional connection or prospect, don’t you want her or him to leave with a good first impression? Memorable business cards do much more than merely pass on a phone number or email address. Your goal includes making a great first impression.

Never fear. Conversations are going to still end with, “Here’s my business card,” for a little while longer.

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