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Do's & Don't for Designing Stickers or Labels:

The first step is choosing your design; seems easy enough, right? The higher contrast images are better to use, as they are usually cleaner and have bright colours.

#1 Simplify your design, especially if it is a message you want to relay. A large, complicated sticker is not going to catch anyone’s attention.

#2 While it is true that bigger objects are easier to see, you have to keep your audience in mind.

#3 Think about being more unique in shape. While rectangles are nice, they are grossly overused.

#4 You don’t have to be a stagnant sticker maker; backgrounds can incorporate colour.

#5 Put some small advertising information on it, something that will make the consumer want to dig a little deeper.

#6 Adjust your levels of stickiness appropriately. It is typically not a good idea to use face adhesives, as it limits the placement prospects and are less likely to be used. 

Whether you’re attempting to sell your own products or trying to help your clients sell their products by offering great design, learning how to design a sticker that will make products fly of the shelf.

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