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Tips For Using Business Cards

Although some people consider that business cards are almost a thing of the past, in fact, they are still a powerful tool in marketing environments. While they do not take the place of the internet in reaching millions of customers, they should be part of your overall marketing strategy. They lend a personal touch that is difficult to reproduce in any other way. Here are some ways to make use of business cards.

#1 When you send out mailing through the postal service, include a business card. Whether it is personal mail, remittance of bills or company correspondence, insert a card which promotes your organization. You never know who will be in the exact need of your products or services. At the very least, it gets your firm name noticed by a wide group of people. Familiarity with the company name is the best way to be remembered.

#2 Use the business card as a way to congratulate those who have received a promotion in their firm. Sometimes newspapers publish such information. Taking the time to send along your best wishes may make a new and valuable contact. Depending upon the type of business you own, you can leave your  business card on bulletin boards and similar venues.

#3 When you are on the receiving end of a business card from another, it is important to pay attention to what they say. Don't just tuck them away in a pocket or handbag, look at the information and ask questions to show your interest. You may want to comments on the design of the card if it is particularly appealing. Use of the business card to promote one-on-one communication with the other person.

#4 You should use the business cards to remind yourself of key facts about the person the card belongs to. The location and date of the meeting place, special knowledge or points of connection with the person are also helpful. Then develop a system for storing the card collection. Tossing them in a desk drawer won't help you keep track of your contacts. Contact management software can be helpful.

#5 When appropriate, follow up your meeting or contact with a further emails, notes or even lunch dates. If you become aware of a lecture, seminar or other event that would interest your contact, it's a good reason to continue the interaction with the other individual. It is important to do this reaching out promptly, before the other individual gets involved with other tasks and activities of life.

#6 Keep your business cards current. If your responsibilities change, or your email address is different, don't write in new information. Get a new set of business cards and get rid of any old ones. Take advantage of digital and technological advances that are available. Always make sure that whatever design is chosen for the cards, it reflects the quality of your business products and services.

These business cards should be part of a unified marketing strategy. This strategy is reflected in every part of your business. Some of the branding and unification techniques are associated with color, logos, script and font styles and links to your web pages or social media sites.

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